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Comment Cloning (Score 1) 63

I wonder if she will be cloned in the distant future? Ideal source material to use for consistent, replicable experimental results over a long period of time. Fix the 'infinite lives' mod that's gotten into the genome and it's perfect. She really will live forever I think.

Comment AAA Batteries (Score 1) 79

Call me old fashioned, but I like the idea of an e-reader that uses standard replaceable batteries rather than a custom, non-replaceable li-ion cell. That way it isn't useless/tethered for a period when the battery dies, I don't have to drag a charger around, and the reader itself doesn't end up as landfill in a decade when the battery stops holding a charge.

Comment Re:The fog of memory is vital (Score 3, Interesting) 379

Very much agree with this. Recently watched a program called The Boy Who Can't Forget that looks at this. They interviewed Jill Price who suffers from hyperthymesia; she talks about the trauma she suffers because of it (the pain of never being able to forget your mistakes particularly).

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