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Comment Re:The fog of memory is vital (Score 3, Interesting) 379

Very much agree with this. Recently watched a program called The Boy Who Can't Forget that looks at this. They interviewed Jill Price who suffers from hyperthymesia; she talks about the trauma she suffers because of it (the pain of never being able to forget your mistakes particularly).

Comment Re:Misguided (Score 1) 217

Cut the guy some slack, he's just been diagnosed with cancer, quite frankly he's going to be scared shitless and clutching at every straw he can get his hands on. I'm not condoning his approach but I can certainly understand it. Really though he needs to grit his teeth and just get on with the treatment ASAP, It's not the dark ages.

Comment Different Counties Have Different Laws. (Score 1) 90

Man breaks local law and gets punished for it, film at 11. Why is this an issue? In Thailand you get thrown in jail for simply disrespecting the king, in Singapore you'll get hung (or at least caned) for carrying the smallest amount of illegal drugs. the world is not completely homogenous (at least not yet).

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