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Comment Re:155mph isn't green using any fuel (Score 1) 105

Granted. However, the idea of:
1) using (presumably renewable) electricity to generate hydrogen instead of directly using that electricity in an electric vehicle, and then
2) converting that hydrogen to fertilizer instead of powering a hydrogen-cell vehicle, then
3) using farmland/water/solar to grow biofuel crops instead of food, trees or grazing land and finally
4) dropping the EROEI of the crops even further in the process of converting them into the final fuel
is so convoluted, inefficient, wasteful and messed up that it hurts my head.

Comment Re:155mph isn't green using any fuel (Score 2, Informative) 105

Also, the Haber-Bosch process does not consume natural gas, it consumes hydrogen...

Was going to mod, but have to reply to this.


By far the major source of the hydrogen required for the Haber-Bosch process is methane from natural gas.

Comment Re:needs a VGA output (Score 1) 120

Not really - every flat-screen TV made in the last couple of years has HDMI in, and every recent flat-screen monitor has DVI-D (basically HDMI). You have to think ahead, HDMI is the future and we're talking about a device that isn't even in production yet.

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