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Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 224

> Also, not sure what the summary means with the last statement.

Seems to me that it means "I am a card-carrying member of the Church of RMS, and I'm not about to let any real facts get in the way of disparaging those of less pure faith".

As you point out, it seems a bit stupid. Possibly useful for artificially pumping the Firehose to get a submission on the front page, though.

You must be new here. A member of the Church of RMS would never use the term "open source" like that.

Furthermore, RMS predicted exactly this happening like 5 years ago and worked on a copyleft license that could cover SaaS. Google "tivoization."

RMS may be very passionate and extreme in his views, but his predictions for the future have consistently been spot on.

Comment Re:I see no problem here. (Score 1) 224

The problem is that web app APIs can change at a moment's notice, without any announcement, and all the developers who depended on the API will be left out in the cold.

While that's true, if they do it too often and to too great an extent they'll lose developers to some other platform; if the apps start breaking without replacement, users will start to leave for other sites. Facebook (as big as it is) is nothing without its userbase.

As someone who has actually had to integrate with Facebook, in practice they can and do change their API constantly. I'd love to ditch facebook but my clients all require integration.

Comment Re:Not all religions are bad (Score 2) 910

I don't have a dog in this fight, but come on. There obviously have existed atheists who wanted to attack religious freedoms. Consider what the Maoist regime did to the Buddhists in Tibet.

I completely agree, though, that the current political climate of America is swayed very far in favor of the Christians, who simultaneously view themselves as under attack. Which, to me, is less hypocrisy and more a very controlled manipulation campaign that started when the Evangelicals teamed up with the Republicans and will probably end in one of two ways: Either some 1984-esque dystopic future where the "chosen" await rapture and the rest toil, or nuclear winter.

Okay, I need to go take my meds now. Imagination... too... powerful.

Comment ridiculous tuition for worthless education (Score 1) 768

The real problem is the "higher education" system, the outrageous fees (on top of your tax money for public schools), $300 textbooks required for many classes, the pathetically low education value of most the classes, plus entirely worthless classes (required generals), and the fact that businesses still believe that these moron sheepskins should be a requirement for all employment.

Of course, doctors and engineers, etc, should attend higher training, but even these programs could be seriously stripped of the worthless educational bloat that universities profit so hugely from.

About the only thing that the university system succeeds at is indoctrinating/programing young people in the political agenda of the fringe left.

Comment Re:Regarding unit tests... (Score 1) 460

Also, a lot of times you don't realize that a specification is completely broken until you're balls deep into implementation.

I personally don't write tests firsts, ever. I tend to work in three steps:

1. Write a proof of concept for the nontrivial parts of the solution.
2. Build tests/specs.
3. Write your production code.

This still isn't perfect, and you're trading a constant decline in productivity for a reduction in the number of times a sprint turns into a disaster because you were solving the problem the wrong way. Also, #1 can often be done in parallel while others solidify the feature requirements more, or supply important assets like graphics comps, branding, copy, etc.

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