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Comment My comment is in the form of recent trivia (Score 1) 436

Which film won all accolades last year?

Hints: it is mostly silent, black and white and most definitively 2D.

3D is the overall strategy of the big studios to keep milking the blockbuster, a cinematic product whose cost is spiraling out of control and will continue to make money only as long as the average public is shown new shiny gimmicks.

Comment There are few things as amusing.... (Score 0, Flamebait) 1013

.... as watching USians debate gun safety.

The assumptions made, the supposed rights implied and what appears reasonable are completely alien to most other people, this reasonings avoid the patently obvious: in other places people don't need guns to defend themselves or to feel safe, and certainly don't harbour the ridiculous notion that you need them just in case you have to fight by violent means your own government (in a civilb war situation guns will be readily available, you don't need to stockpile weapons during peace time) or a foreign invader (wouldn't your armed forces fight in home soil ? Or what is the deal?)

Comment Come to London and check the speed. (Score 5, Informative) 201

I take the bus regularly in London, most times in the upper floor of a double decker.

From there one can follow the progress of individual cyclists, and is undeniable that most of them move pretty much at the same speed as the motorized vehicles, even some runners can keep up with traffic speed for a while.

Most of the world is or will be urban, so fast vehicles will be completely redundant to the actual needs of urban dwellers.

Comment Lamy multifunction pens (Score 1) 712

I'm sure you all have seen those cheap pens with multiple colors, German manufacturer Lamy used that concept and produces pens with 2, 3 or 4 functions.

I have the 4 functions one, currently black ink pen, red ink pen, mechanic pencil and PDA stylus (not of much use anymore... fortunately one can put another ink cartridge instead).

The pens are metallic ball point cartridges, because they have to fit in a very small space the ball point is small, producing neat writing.

Comment You are correct. (Score 1) 525

It is fascinating how many of you don't follow more closely what is going on in Somalia which teaches you what happens when there is no functioning government of any kind.

Lets take the Somali pirates for example: the ransoms they obtain are communal property, people on their base get a cut just for being quiet, in effect the fruit of the pirate's labour is socialized amongst the community.

In tribal societies comunal property is normally the statuos quo and they would laugh at you by suggesting that every person should have stuff of their own property.

Comment Tha is nonsense. (Score 1) 782

You don't hand away all your privacy to your employer just for using their computers, you simply abide by their policies, but that does not mean they have free reign to do wahtever they want with your data.

Ths superceding principle is not to do private stuff in the office, not because you are losing all your privacy, which most likely you aren't, but because you agreed to not doing personal stuff with the company equipment.

Comment Bullshit. (Score 1) 479

You killed the bad habit of channel surfing, there are other habits that take full advantage of the variety of programmes on TV.

Calssic films that you won't find on the cinema any time soon, concerts, documentaries, sports (in moderation), news, good serials.

New luddites should frankly stay in the little hobbit hole of ignorant snobbery that they inhabit.

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