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Comment GOOD RIDDANCE (Score 1) 648

Any movie budget over $5MM is for candy CG, splosions or "names", none of which makes a movie worth sitting still for.

When they put money into making intelligent, mature works that model sanity instead of digital opium, eye candy, the celebration of dysfunction, and the same g-d movie over and over and over again, maybe I'll be in. But nine figures on a resource warrior going interracially native? Pass.

Comment Not quite (Score 1) 366

People and corporations that operated fairly well in the good times started to get eaten alive by their own inefficiencies they were too inflexible or proud to shed. Assuming ample potable water and no murder, who will more likely last the longest on the proverbial desert island, the obese person or the skinny one?

Comment Re:What?!?! (Score 1) 364

Jobs are slavery. It takes a real sycophant to fetishize being a slave. "Socialist" countries like Norway are better places for small businesspersons than the US (according to that oh-so-socialist-pinko Inc. Magazine). Fsck jobs. People don't need jobs. They need livelihoods, and it is highly damaging to individual freedom that USian society and its laws concentrate wealth upward and provide socialism for the 1%, Calvinball for the 99%.

FNC is the broadcast equivalent of sociopathy.

Comment Brainwashed peasants, like Chomsky said (Score 1) 495

Americans are so pathological that their fucking identities seem to depend on subjugating themselves to someone richer.

What's up with that? Civilized countries have fine social safety nets. Being "jobless" isn't a catastrophe there because their people generally haven't had every last bit of humanity in their lives commodified and sold back to them.

Comment Left-wing corporatism: example (Score 1) 495

No, there is left-wing corporatism. Have you ever asked yourself what the hell kind of logical connection there is between employment and social benefits like health care or pensions? A friend's father, who is firmly in the top 10%, drank deep of the Murdoch Kool-Aid and actually thinks that the ridiculous inequalities of wealth and living conditions in Brazil are all right by him, didn't want any sort of socialized health care because he wants to be able to do nice things for his employees.

The end game of capitalism is feudalism.

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