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Comment i started with pascal (Score 1) 624

I started with Pascal, so the most influential book for me is Walter Savitch's "Turbo Pascal: An Introduction to the Art and Science of Programming."

It's the best book on learning to program that i've ever read and it's still the yardstick by which i compare other entry-level programming books. It's very clear, detailed, informative, and sensible. The fun quotes in every section are an added bonus.

Comment Re:Best days for what? (Score 2, Insightful) 283

I find their search results annoying a lot of times. For example the engine would insist on a spelling that is different but apparently more well-known than what i typed. I remember in the past it used to search for the actual term and then suggest its alternate spelling. Another example would be when searching for phrases with spaces. Even if i quote the entire phrase the engine would return results with only some of the words in the phrase. Very frustrating.

Comment Re:Keep your hands off my email! (Score 1) 408

#2 - You're probably going to be disappointed, because it is already integrated, just like the login is already uniform across all services.

I suspect you automatically become signed up to google+ the moment somebody sends you an invitation.

Comment Re:Honey: anti-bacterial? (Score 1) 116

However, a dentist selling honey as a tooth preservative? Might be a good business plan.

Seems kind of ironic to me. In effect he's killing his market by helping people take better care of their teeth which, if everybody in the world did, would render dentists largely unnecessary in the first place. A better, more evil, if you will, business plan would be to hand out free sweets to patients on their way out. >:-)

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