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Submission + - Associated Press puts credibility on the line

An anonymous reader writes: Matt Crenson a political science professor and a AP National writer had a piece published on ethanol. Just at the time when Bush is visiting Brazil. A country that uses ethanol for energy extensively. In case you wondered, the Associated Press, or AP, is an American news agency, the world's largest such organization.
This article says that ethanol use for energy is a bad idea no matter how you cut it. Even when some parts of this long article are correct, they are outwheigthed by the baseless inaccuracies. From " most analysts conclude its environmental benefits are questionable at best. " all the way to " even the most generous analysts estimate that it takes the energy equivalent of three gallons of ethanol to make four gallons of the stuff. " Plus the question-answer format of the middle portion of the article has a nauseating fact feeding style. ol_q_a_9

Submission + - Thailand block YouTube!

LewCPE writes: Authorities in Thailand were trying to do session hijack on every request those try to reach YouTube on last Friday. Most of requests to will get reply as "301 — Permanently Removed" while the request to or directly request to IP like still success. Bangkok Post has report on this activity, it referred my post on[Thai]. The interesting part is the hijack server identify itself as "Apache/1.3.31 (Unix) mod_hwforward_1_0", while the mod_hwforward_1_0 seems to be never exist. But many countries found something like this too as you may see it on Google.

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