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Comment Re:Gender-equality (Score 1) 168

Over here in the US, there is no equality in insurance. For example, there are different rates for men/women and young/old based on historical evidence. But if a bad woman drive has a few accidents, her rates are going to explode. Not sure where you're getting your medical insurance info from, but my wife who has diabetes pays the same amount as her healthy coworkers. And in the US you don't have to buy flood insurance. The thing is, if you pay your $5/month for flood, and you house is destroyed, the federal government comes in and pays the few $100k to fix you up, garnered from the whole country's tax dollars, so essentially everyone ends up paying for the flood insurance. If you don't buy it, and get wiped out, I hope you have stashed that few $100k in the bank, rather than paying $600 over 10 years for insurance.

Comment Re:Monthly data cap (Score 1) 471

Dumbass. Take a trip back to Country A and download all your stuff. Whhaaa, I didn't think to check if I can transfer my stuff between countries!
This site used to be full on intelligent people. Now it's just a bunch of whiners who probably piss on the closed toilet seat and complain that it wasn't pre-lifted for them.

Comment Re:Build quality not impressive anymore (Score 1) 278

Nah, I'm just thinking you're a wuss. Under normal operating conditions my CPU hits 110-120 degrees. The fans blow the heat out the back. Bottom is sorta warm. Now when I start rendering videos it gets hot, but that's not a standard thing for me. If that's your normal thing, then I apologize.

Comment Re:Spec'd the Kindle (Score 2) 117

This happened to me. Came across what would be a perfect job upgrade for me on the USAGov job website. Long list of requirements, but I had all the right experience. By application ended up being 12 pages long. Sent it in, a couple of weeks later I got a personal letter from the hiring manager/department head saying who they picked including a brief bio of him. Same skill set, but worked in that department at a lower grade. I essentially got a freaking apology letter from them for wasting my time. Never saw that before.

Comment Re:Not recognized? (Score 1) 915

A bunch of high schools where I grew up (western suburbs of Philadelphia) were doing at least familiarization of metric & imperial units back in the 1980/90's. I still think in feet and miles, even after an engineering degree, but I can convert rather quickly in my head. Just start teaching how metric & imperial realate at a younger age. Celsius and Fahrenheit is still a bit of nuisance, though.

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