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Comment Actually scary (Score 4, Interesting) 628

I really think there is a chance that NK leadership has gone so bonkers they would actually try something like bombing SK. I doubt it would be effective unless they bring a nuke to the fight, but we're still talking about one of China's maybe-buddies. The USSR was scary, but they weren't so honking insane as these guys.

Hopefully, NK will just keep doing the "chest thumping" thing until they get tired. Or it's all just a bluff in the first place. I, personally, have had enough wars/actions/what-have-you for now. Too much death. Everyone (including the US) just chill and have a cup o' tea and a biscuit.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 612

You do realize that Americans (you twat) don't give a flying fuck what you call fossils fuels in Europe? Probably not 'cause you spend 14 paragraphs explaining what "gas" means. What's a cheeseburger- a "processed cow meat pressed into a patty with a layer of cultured milk between two grain based buns" ? No wonder you fucks are tanking an entire continents economy- you spend 3 days ordering lunch.

Comment Re:To be fair... (Score 1) 434

Try buying a car in Delaware (no sales tax) if you live in NJ or PA and see if you don't pay a "use tax." In PA I believe it's even called "Sales and Use Tax." If you live near Delaware, a jewelry shop will give you a 6% discount if you mention Delaware. Since jewelry doesn't have to be registered like cars do, it's worth it to them to keep 94% of a few thousand $s. During the winter holidays, state cops even line up on the border to bust people trying to bring back loads of liquor from DE (not to mention the extra 17% tax PA has for the Johnstown flood. Yes, they still have it.).

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1) 482

Yep, and it's not just to shield the terrorists, they think it also makes a good photo op to send out pictures of dead kids and women. Since basically the entire world hates the US, they lap it up like good doggies. The US is far, far, far away from being pure, but at least we don't send moms or teenagers into a marketplace to blow themselves up.

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