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Comment Re:Monthly data cap (Score 1) 471

Dumbass. Take a trip back to Country A and download all your stuff. Whhaaa, I didn't think to check if I can transfer my stuff between countries!
This site used to be full on intelligent people. Now it's just a bunch of whiners who probably piss on the closed toilet seat and complain that it wasn't pre-lifted for them.

Comment Re:Build quality not impressive anymore (Score 1) 278

Nah, I'm just thinking you're a wuss. Under normal operating conditions my CPU hits 110-120 degrees. The fans blow the heat out the back. Bottom is sorta warm. Now when I start rendering videos it gets hot, but that's not a standard thing for me. If that's your normal thing, then I apologize.

Comment Re:Spec'd the Kindle (Score 2) 117

This happened to me. Came across what would be a perfect job upgrade for me on the USAGov job website. Long list of requirements, but I had all the right experience. By application ended up being 12 pages long. Sent it in, a couple of weeks later I got a personal letter from the hiring manager/department head saying who they picked including a brief bio of him. Same skill set, but worked in that department at a lower grade. I essentially got a freaking apology letter from them for wasting my time. Never saw that before.

Comment Re:Not recognized? (Score 1) 915

A bunch of high schools where I grew up (western suburbs of Philadelphia) were doing at least familiarization of metric & imperial units back in the 1980/90's. I still think in feet and miles, even after an engineering degree, but I can convert rather quickly in my head. Just start teaching how metric & imperial realate at a younger age. Celsius and Fahrenheit is still a bit of nuisance, though.

Comment Re:A billion times. (Score 1) 352

If I recall the movie correctly, it was an asteroid that got knocked out of orbit by something else and went screaming hellbent for Earth, so it wasn't a predicted or noted asteroid. (I could be wrong, it's been a while) So basically it might just as well be an an extra-solar object time-period of warning. I.e.- we're screwed.

Comment Re:Corporations are people? (Score 1) 244

"We still have laws against deceptive advertising,..."

As long as you don't published an outright, provable lie, you can weasel almost anything. Even politicians ads that say "Obama wants to eat your children" is linked to some very obscure rider on a bill for the Forest Department that has language "Increased funding for anti-bear child eating" and if voted down, you can make the quadruple somersault connection without being a total lie.

Can you tell I basically hate all ads and the government in general? :D

Comment Tangential wanderings (Score 1) 360

Does anyone else notices that within the first 1-5 postings someone will say something that is mildly tangential to the article, and then then comments run off into a completely different territory? For example, in these comments we get into pricing, regulations, etc. and I have to skip down 1/3 of the page to get back to anything remotely applicable to the article.

Back on track now- of course pirates are going to win. 6(?) billion to a few thousand. I belong to a rather large movie news/reviews/fan site, and of the dozens of people I know there, they would all rather have legitimate discs or legal downloads/streaming than pulling down torrents. Problem #1 is trying to find the stuff legally, and #2 is it costs so freaking much (normally). I'm talking about people that have DVD/B-R collections in the hundreds. Make it easy to get, don't charge us $50 for "Teddy Ruxpin Takes a Poop" so you can smoke Cuban cavier cigars rolled in seal skin wrappers, and don't treat us lot idiots. I'm kind of surprised Anonymous has gone full out ninja on the XXIAs yet.

Hmm, I fell better now. /rant

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