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Comment Good stuff? (Score 1) 330

Most modern cars can (or could if the manufacturer would have put in the effort) be made to run *better* on ethanol than on gasoline. While the ethanol production methods aren't really viable and older cars have serious trouble with ethanol because their fuel system simply disintegrates, in any car you buy new, you get more power and a cleaner burn from the E10 than from "premium" or "regular" classic fuel.

I agree that it would be good for owners of older cars to have the option to buy "pure" fuel so they don't have to deal with fuel hoses and pumps breaking on them. I agree that the current production methods don't actually make E10 a competitive fuel since they need government subsidies to make them affordable. However, I don't agree that E10 isn't "the good stuff" for most cars on the road, if you purely look at what your car runs best on.

Comment Dell can't vow only wintel (Score 1) 166

Dell can't vow to do only wintel, since a big part of their server systems are sold to run Linux or some hypervisor. They have to have Linux knowledge and support available anyway, so it doesn't hurt to every once in a while toss a laptop that has 100% linux supported components out there for the shops that like/require those. It's more or less a token effort, since they aren't vowing to support Linux on all their devices, or even to strive to get to that point in a certain time frame. As long as there's a profit in doing this sort of offerings every once in a while, they keep their options open, MicroSoft sharp(er) in their sponsoring and a few more customers happy. See it as them offering both AMD and Intel chips in their servers. They hardly sell AMD, but it makes the Intel systems so much cheaper to buy parts for that it's worth producing them. Same applies to having multiple RAM and storage vendors. If you go exclusive, you can't play the competitors against each other.

Comment you must not browse,read mail or edit text as well (Score 1) 166

Most desktops or laptops that replace them have the unavoidable office related stuff open as well. With what you have opened, you are no doubt working with companies that require doc(x) support on a level that LibreOffice isn't yet giving, exchange mail and you most likely will have browser windows open somewhere. I'm getting the impression you have an extra machine to do all of those.

Comment Another reason not to install it (Score 0) 202

Chrome has a nice rendering engine, in such that it is fast and relatively safe. However, the big brother phone home all my actions behaviour is putting me off. The fact that they want me to log into my browser makes me want to dowse it in gasoline and light it, just to disinfect my computer from malware. Now they are actually trying to take over control over what application I use for things that are not web pages. FU google, you're just as evil as all the others.

Comment Re:I doubt it (Score 1) 228

That's why they'd prefer to kill the meet-me room. Bring down all the links without yanking cords out, or dropping power to the rest of the DC floor.

Most facilities I've been in pass all traffic through the meet-me room. Sometimes the "room" is just a few racks with all the outside providers networking gear. Usually it's a separate room that requires special access. Like, I've never had access to go wandering around a providers meet-me room by myself. I'd usually get supervised tours. When I've needed to help providers work through their problems, I've been escorted by authorized personnel. That's always been "point, don't touch" access. We all acknowledge that all it would take to kill all peering in that room is to flip the main breaker(s) for that room. There's usually at least two panels from two different sources (i.e, two DC rooms either physically or logically divided.)

Comment Re:Huh (Score 4, Funny) 567

Reminds me of a story. Many years ago (okay, about 20 years ago) I worked for a very small company that set up networks for point of sale systems; so small it was just my boss and me.

One evening we were heading back to town after being onsite since about 6am. Needless to say, we were both tired, so my boss was gunning it. Then comes the flashing lights. Cop stops us, and asks my boss "Do you know why I stopped you?" My boss replies "I suppose I was speeding." The cop nods. "Yes you were, sir. And did you happen to glance at your speedometer to see how much over the speed limit you were driving?" At that point, I caught a mischievous look in my boss's eye.

"God no!" my boss exclaimed. "Traveling that fast, I didn't dare look down at my dash!"

Fortunately the cop had a good sense of humor, we all had a laugh, and my boss got a ticket.

Comment Re:Orders of magnitude errors dont inspire confide (Score 1) 534

No, Karmshock is spot on. It would likely be easier to just put a tariff on polluter countries like China and India, unless those good can be shown to be at least "average" in CO2 output. Same with the US. There are plenty of green companies here, or relatively, the main polluters are the employees, not the employers. Driving cars.

And before people scream "tariffs are bad for developing countries", I would remind them that every imported item created lots of CO2 to cross the ocean to get here. Maybe all countries should charge an extra 4-8% tariff to encourage domestic production. Not enough to choke imports off, just just enough to encourage local production.

Comment What's really scary (Score 4, Interesting) 216

What really scares me isn't that the Americans themselves don't seem to care a lot. Europe has been a prime target of all this and even there the reaction is "meh". How many USA ambassadors have been summoned to explain and apologize? The USA has treated their allies worse than most of Europe would treat their enemies and still nothing came of this. It turns out Europe isn't that different after all....

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