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Comment Re:Watch the total absence (Score 1) 1109

You are wrong, my politics are probably slightly left of centre. Read the Qur'an and listen to the words of Muslim clerics and you will see how anyone who believes in tolerance, equality, justice for all, and freedom of expression should opose Islam

I suppose that is the american political scale, where Ghengis Khan defines the "center"?

Comment (Score 1) 1109

If you want to see the leading edge of CT-nuttery, Alex Jones is not your guy. The absolute brain-melting display of sheer idiocy is happening at cluesforum and godlikeproductions these days. The nutters are already convinced that the whole bombing did not actually happen and the victims were actors, because one guy with a leg wound did not have enough blood on his socks. Also because of walrus. Or something. That's the level these idiots are on now...

Comment Re:False Memory Syndrome? (Score 1) 184

And I am sure you are ready to provide some quotes from peer-reviewed papers from the seventies that supports your claim. Also, I am sure that you are ready to provide a quick review of the literature back then that will show that this actually was an opinion that was taken seriously. Thank Cthulhu that you are ready for that, lest someone would call you a liar.

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