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Comment Re:No Such Thing (Score 1) 75

You do understand that for the exchanges to work across their various different currencies they can't possibly use the bitcoin blockchain, right? Not to mention the speed at which the trades happen. If you're implying he fails because bitcoin blockchain must be used to trade bitcoin, you have a grave misunderstanding of what actually happens at an exchange.

Comment Re:Buy buy buy! (Score 1) 189

Stop kidding yourself if you think the sales are that much better than other times throughout the year. Anytime of year when a product is the outgoing generation being cleared out (as is typically the case with blockbuster sales) you will get a significant discount. You are a sheep, you just haven't realized it yet.

Comment Re:50% dumber. (Score 1) 495

Have you compared the sound from a quality transistor based amp to a tube amp? This is a separate argument for a separate day, but that comparison is bollocks. Tube amps do not offer cheaper maintenance... or initial cost for that matter, and there is certainly an audible quality difference between even the lowest budget tube amps and the top of the line transistor amps.

Comment Re:Yeah, but they nailed the "documentation" part (Score 1) 394

By my understanding, insomniac simply implies an inability to sleep. It doesn't state anything regarding the time at which that happens. Either way, I think the semi-sarcastic quote should be taken with a grain of salt. While there may be some truth in certain circumstances, I think it was mostly for the sake of the joke and not intended to be picked apart literally.

Comment Re:great, more landfill fodder. (Score 1) 129

You emphasize "CHEAP" so many times in your post, yet the Pi is $40 and the BBB is $45 at adafruit. Is $5 seriously the line between cheap and not cheap? Not to mention the hardware is better in just about every way. Your problem is you're too much of a Pi fanboy to see that the "other projects running 2-3 times the price" are either before the dawn of the cheap SBC market or well out of it's scope. Not to mention the GP you refer to even mentioned this $5 difference. You're so caught up in your Pi delusions that you can't see what's right in front of you.

Comment Re:Red light / green light (Score 1) 1440

Everyone knows it's illegal to text while driving stopped or not. The asshat is not the cop but the person getting the ticket. So it's easier to catch people while stopped, big deal. He's not getting out of doing work, he's more efficient at it. Wish there was more like him, the speeders doing a few over the limit pose less of a threat than all these kids out there swerving between lanes and holding up the road at every red light that turns green. Even if the light is long enough for it to not bother you, it bothered that last car that got stopped at a red because they were the one who's chance was wasted. The real issue here is why are people so addicted to their phones that things can't wait until they get where they're going or pull over to a parking lot. It wasn't that long ago you didn't get calls or texts while in your car. You're in your car to get somewhere, focus on that 'till you're done. Most people in the world today are barely intelligent enough to remember to think and drive at the same time, without bringing more tasks into the equation. “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” George Carlin

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