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Comment Re:Steyn is Slime (Score 2, Insightful) 393

Mann isn't a fraud, his observation an have been confirmed and refined, and you and Steyn are cowards incapable of facing the universe as it is. The only difference is at least Steyn is man enough to put his name to his libel.

How is Steyn a "coward" when he is standing up in court, rather than fleeing?

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Journal Journal: Extra gluten 1

This journal has all that gluten that the gluten free people have been keeping from you.

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Journal Journal: Todd Barry and Jerry Seinfeld - Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Today's guest is Todd Barry and I finally figured out where to go for the code to embed these shows, so you don't have to go any farther than the link above. Interesting item, the boys walked out of an Everyman Espresso location in the East Village after waiting longer than they preferred. The company logo is remarkably similar to the 2004 Fifth

Comment Re:Plus with a shotgun (Score 1) 10

Another anecdote she tells me: For probably 95 percent of the time, the sound of a pump action shotgun getting cocked is enough to stop the intruder and get them to surrender. For the other 5 percent, the bad guy needed to be shot because he was going to kill everyone in the house.

My Benelli Nova Pump is my in-service gun and it is loaded, chambered all the time. Anybody who gets on the receiving end had their warning before they entered the property. That door is there for HIS protection, not mine.

Comment Re:Somewhere Sen. Feinstein throws her laptop. (Score 1) 137

Better luck pissing on inalienable rights next time. Why not try banning the second amendment again. That'll make you feel better.

I like your wording better than the headline. She did indeed have that right all the time and the court forced the rest of the government to recognize that fact.

Comment Re:what they don't say... (Score 2) 90

Even if the fridge-makers did test for all known vulnerabilities on the day the fridge was sold, that fridge is likely not ever getting a software update after that, and new exploits are discovered all the time...

It could be updated if it were connected to the internet, but that is where the problem begins in this example.

Comment Re:Questionable claims (Score 3) 90

According to Dan Goodin (Arstechnica), who wrote "Is your refrigerator really part of a massive spam-sending botnet?", there are all sorts of problems with Proofpoint's statement. The last paragraph sums it up pretty well:

"Knight said he would check to see if missing evidence—including a malware sample, documentation of a command-and-control server, and samples of the spam and phishing messages—are available for publication. Again, I'm open to the possibility the botnet reported by Proofpoint exists. But until these smoking guns are produced, I'm maintaining a healthy amount of skepticism."


That brings a whole new level of funny to this affair. What if the spammers were randomly inserting false info into the return path (or something) like "Maytag Model 360XYZ" or such?

Comment Re:So guys... (Score 1) 90

Still think that hooking everything up to the intertubes is a great idea? I can't wait to see what happens with all those home alarms systems that are getting hooked up this way as well.

Totally agree. Good luck convincing the folks who think this method is the cure to many ills.

From the article:

Mr Knight speculated that the malware that allowed spam to be sent from these devices was able to install itself because many of the gadgets were poorly configured or used default passwords that left them exposed.

That default password jazz is something I wish manufacturers would get away from, even if a solution is a hard reset and the user selects a password all over again.

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Journal Journal: Irregardless 2

The perfect clip to link to the word irregardless all over the internet. Performed by the great Steve Landesberg as Detective Arthur Dietrich in Barney Miller "The Psychic" S7E11. Enjoy.

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Journal Journal: Who does not know caffeine is already regulated? Lustig edition 18

Apparently Dr. Robert Lustig is one of the last people around who is unaware that caffeine is already regulated. He uses it in an odd example in his crusade to regulate sugars more to his liking. While I was waiting for a magazine to approve or decline this article (they declined) I discovered that Jay Leno thinks caffeine is addictive. Also discovered that Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew, and Dr. Spaz brought some science to the discussion.

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