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Journal Journal: Knox MPC brings Walmart to Sorority Village Food Desert 3

In my ongoing examination of what KnoxFood.Org (part of our Metropolitan Planning Commission) is calling "food deserts" (basically, whatever the USDA says they are), I discovered a new one. The new sorority village at the University of Tennessee is labeled on of Knox County's 20 food deserts, and they just got Walmart and Publix stores to relieve the suffering. Before they built the sorori

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Journal Journal: Knoxville has the most humble bureaucrats anywhere? 3

It looks like on these evolving food desert maps, that the local Knoxville bureaucracy has performed a miracle. Two miracles if you count not announcing it as one. They have apparently gotten a few of our 20 food deserts moved away from the low income neighborhoods and moved into yuppieveille. It is just in time too, because First Lady Michelle Obama wants to help large supermarkets move

Comment Re:You must be kidding (Score 1) 173

IE has been my last choice in a browser for well over a decade because almost anything else works better.

Have you tried IE in the last few years?

I have it right now, on my Win. 8.1 machine I mentioned in my OP. The only thing I use it for is logging in at Starbucks so Starbucks does not mess up my Chrome tabs from the last session. Sometimes I use it to report problems to MS. End of list.

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Journal Journal: My Metro Planning Commission is nothing but a propaganda machine

I've been finding some odd info in the "food desert" maps of my community. Like a wide variety of grocery stores within the borders of the so-called food deserts. Now I discovered the Knoxville Metropolitan Planning Commission is on board with the corporate propaganda (I was not surprised). The started a website KnoxFood.Org and ask the usual propagandist open ended questions, in this case implying the only way for some to get to the grocery store is by city bus, walk, or starve. The probl

Comment Re:I dont know about cars... (Score 1) 432

They are a lot easier on a car, at least from my experience. When I got the Charger, it got about 5 MPG (and I measured it) PLUS the idle was so low it could barely run the good turn signal! After a refresher from the old guys at the hobby shop, I was able to tune it by ear close enough. Tuning it with a vacuum gauge is the proper way I need to remember how to do next.

Comment Re:ok if your car is new (Score 1) 432

Mobil 1 is not good for any vehicle with flat tappets, their zinc levels are too low. you are harming your cam in your engines by using Mobil 1, you need a high zinc oil like a diesel oil or use a zinc additive.

Not planning to run flat tappet. Just about the only original part that will stay in this engine is the block. Going with roller cam/lifters, stroker crank, forged pistons and rods, aluminum heads, aluminum six-pack intake, ceramic coated stainless headers, etc. Wait, one original tried and true that might stay is the original 1972 electronic ignition, but still leaning to coil-near-plug setup. There is a zinc additive for people running flat tappets, but I thought that was for brake-in? Learn new stuff every day, which is the cool thing about every day!

Comment Re:ok if your car is new (Score 1) 432

Your 72 charger would be a LOT faster if you set it up to use E85. It's octane is as high as racing gas, so a lot of racers use it and are saving a ton of cash. So shave the heads and buy all E85 safe plastics and rubber for it and enjoy 13:1 compression and buttloads of power for dirt cheap.

She is a street car, not a strip car. Looking for more of a continental/pro touring feel rather than a filling shaking 1972 feel, lol. I don't need high octane unless I have high compression. Sure, I will need higher than 87 if I am above 10:1, but since nearly all of my use will be below 3,000 RPM it is probably not much of an issue. But as I said earlier, all of the "rubber" in the fuel system will be E85 safe anyway. IIRC, don't all the new Holley carbs come that way anyway now? If not I guess I'll have to do a gasket and seal swap. The heads I like are 63cc combustion chamber. Edelbrock keeps promising a tighter one in their catalog, but they still haven't produced one. Subject to change, but right now I plan for the new pistons to come up to the deck, and the bore and stroke will be modified a wee bit too ;)

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