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Journal Journal: Ronald Reagan's Welfare Queen Linda Taylor featured in Jet 8

Linda Taylor was featured in the 19 DEC 1974 issue of Jet in a piece titled Alleged "Welfare Queen" Is Accused of $154,000 Ripoff. The flow of history has somehow penned Reagan with coining the term in 1976, although there is no evidence that he ever used it. David Weigel clings bitterly to a world where the only people defrauding the government are figments of his political opposition.

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Journal Journal: Do you like Barney Miller?

Not sure if you do, but I LOVE the Barney Miller show. Here are a couple of my favorite episodes:
The Radical includes a scene that did not appear in reruns for a long time, where Yippie Jonathan Dodd makes his post-arrest phone calls and tries to contact Abbie Hoffman. Dodd has been "underground" living in Greenwich Village for nine years and is arrested for shoplifting at Cotterman's. He thinks his terroristic actions in the 1960s "stopped the war."
Uniform Day Lieutenant Dietrich opens a cold case that is about to expire seven years after the act (armed robbery of Cotterman's). His suspect has been hiding in his apartment the whole time. I had elements of this episode confused with the one above. My 1970s bank bomber book project brought both episodes to mind, but after seeing them again they really do not have that much to do with my bomber.

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Journal Journal: About that Snowden Oath Myth 1

Showden Oath Myth is my take on an emerging legend that Edward Snowden was upholding a higher oath to the Constitution. As a contractor, he never took one. That oath, from 5 U.S.C. Â3331, applies to "An individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services." In the civil service or uniformed services is key, as he was neither. Yes, he was probably presented with non-disclosure agreements and informed what could happen if he violated those, but no oath was involved. I know what an oath is, having been a 30 year service member both enlisted and commissioned. I was also a contractor from 1994 to 2010, and never once swore an oath of any kind as a contractor.

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Journal Journal: For those Bob Dylan Fans out there... 3

I whipped this up while learning Lightworks (free as in beer version) after watching numerous Bob Dylan interviews spanning several decades. Made the background tracks and titles in Windows Movie Maker, which is free as in free. The whole thing took me most of three days to do, including thinking of what I wanted included. YMMV.
More info and the smaller video file here:

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Journal Journal: My Latest Article at The Freeman - Colorado: Weed Killer

Colorado: Weed Killer
Conventional wisdom now equates legality with a dedicated tax and regulatory apparatus

While browsing the commentary after Election Day 2013 I kept reading about the victory in Colorado. I thought, âoeFantastic! They shot down that silly marijuana tax.â Actually, what they shot down was Proposition 66, a different tax and an effort to revamp the government schools there. Proposition AA, the marijuana tax, passed with over 60 percent of the vote. It creates two new taxes for the newly legalized recreational pot: 15 percent at the wholesale level and a 10 percent retail sales tax. Some cities, like Boulder, piled on to the tune of a further 8.5 percent local tax on top of the state tax.

"The passage of Proposition AA today completes the historic process of regulating and taxing marijuana in the state of Colorado," Brian Vicente, one of the architects of marijuana legalization and a proponent of the tax measure, said in a statement.

That is to say, Vicente sees the institution of these taxes as inherent to the process of legalizationâ"if there arenâ(TM)t taxes applied and bureaucracy erected around it, itâ(TM)s not actually legal.

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Journal Journal: Book Trailer Location

Accidentally found a better location in downtown Knoxville, TN to shoot a little clip for the Time Bomber book trailer and crowd funding video. A tiny bit where I reveal some of the folks I corresponded with on the project, like two of the Weathermen, Peter Coyote (of the Diggers and he is the actor too), and Paul Krassner of the Youth International Party (YIP, the Yippies). The concept for that little snippet is a total ripoff of the Bob Dylan video for "Subterranean Homesick Blues."

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Journal Journal: WikiPedia in Theory vs. Reality

I finally broke down and got a Wiki account so I could change this page which had an error that was driving me nuts.

Among the many viewers were future President Jimmy Carter, who commuted Steen's convictions under his amnesty program for draft resisters, acting to "heal the nation".[5][6][7] Another person watching was David Byrne, composer for the rock band Talking Heads, who wrote the popular song "Life During Wartime" to memorialize the 60 Minutes episode.[8] In the interview with Rather, Steen stated that it "was time for members of Weather Underground Organization to emerge and engage change at the community level in this post-draft, post-Vietnam era." Mark Rudd resurfaced within 60 days and the remainder of the fugitive Weather Underground, including Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers surrendered to authorities over the next 22 months.

I deleted the last sentence that used to read "Steen became the last of the Weathermen to surface in 2012."

How that got in there to begin with is amazing, since the whole page is full of his activities and accomplishments, under his real identity, ever since his sentences were commuted by Carter in 1977.

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Journal Journal: The Truth About Bitcoin

Enjoying this video and it is informative for those, like me, who are new to actually using Bitcoin. I remember a lot of theoretical discussion about similar systems in the past, always found it interesting.
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Journal Journal: Vintage 1970s Battery Powered Calendar Clocks

This might be a question for the long, gray beards out there. I am in the throes of research on a 1970s bank bomber who managed to engineer time bombs with a seven month duration (217 days). He used analogue calendar clocks that had a day and date register. I've had no luck finding possible manufacturers, and the FBI is still withholding details because the bomber is still alive.
Anybody have any ideas besides Westclox?
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Journal Journal: ATT & NSA

If AT&T was not sending so much bandwidth to the NSA, maybe their customer's throughput would be faster than the old AOL dial-up accounts.

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Journal Journal: Just check out this blazing hot throughput!

Using AT&T Uverse is proving to be as swift as having an AOL dial-up account. Just checkout these blazing speeds: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2993426810 Two technicians worked on the problem yesterday, one took a new wireless router from the box and replaced the old one. He also replaced the box on the side of the house too. Another replaced something down the street and everything was smoking at around 10Mbps for a couple of hours, then went back to normal (numbers in the link).
This morning I got a call that there was a "network problem" that has been resolved and asked me if my service was back to normal. Well, it was over 10Mbps, until about 2 min. after hanging up the phone, at which time it went back to normal.
On Twitter, something called @ATTCustomerCare likes to answer ATT gripes there, but appears to be a verified bot. At least it gives the botish answers that the ATT people on the phone give. It wanted me to chat on "Liveperson.Net," which does not have ATT in the URL at all, so I went back to the phone.
Does anybody in Knoxville, TN use one of their competitors like Charter? Are they any good?

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