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Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 2) 321

I heard once that the reason he didn't do anything with SW after ROTJ was because his ex-wife had a clause in the pre-nup that guaranteed her a certain percentage of Star Wars revenue for 10 years after their divorce - he started work on the special editions as soon as it expired.

Just a rumor, though - I have nothing confirming it.

Comment Re:If voice calls are free... (Score 3, Insightful) 177

I think the idea is that bits are bits, and the voice should all be VOIP over your data connection, and you're charged just for the data which includes the voice.

I've long been thinking that content and delivery need to be separated in the Cable TV industry, and voice and data should be consolidated under the Cellular system as well as POTS.

The cable company or phone company or Google should provide a pipe to our house that we pay maintenance for, and TV channels, websites, VOIP, should all be purchased from separate companies.

If everything is digital, we should be charged strictly for the bits that flow in and out of our house, not separately for different classifications of data.

Comment Did they fix the game saves? (Score 0) 117

Never could figure out how to save my game in the original. I bought it, tried to play a couple of times, but then whenever I needed to save and quit, I could never figure out how to do it, and wound up back at the beginning of the game every time. I gave up after about three hours of gameplay.

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