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Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 0) 113

I have resisted using blackboard for over a decade.

Toady I polled my class and they unanimously did not like it.

I will continue to distribute course materials from an online web page. I will continue to email the class.

And I will continue to edit pages in vi until the day I die.

Comment Re:Oh dear... (Score 3, Insightful) 474

He was dismissing the paper because one author appears to not be formally trained as a meteorologist.

Again, this is more about data analysis than weather. You have hundreds (thousands?) of different stations of different quality. Some records are incomplete. Records stop and start at different times. Measurement devices change. Measurement times change.

There is not much in the way of climate science in this, just putting data together. There are implications for climate science, however.

The problem is to put all that data together intelligently. The current paper says the traditional methods are biased to the warming side. If this is not true, it should be refuted.

If you followed the climategate issues, you might realize some established climate scientists appear to have biased their own work to fit an agenda. Some also say they have also worked the peer review system to unduly suppress opposition opinions.

Comment Re:Oh dear... (Score 4, Insightful) 474

Attack the work, not the man or his (lack of) credentials.

AFAIK, the work is relatively simple statistical analysis of time series data. No advanced science required. I have not looked in detail, but they claim that the adjustments made to climate data are biased.

If this is an erroneous claim, it should be easy to demonstrate.

Comment GLONASS and Galileo (Score 1) 135

I was wondering about the advantage to using multiple constellations, since the Russians have one and the Europeans/Chinese are putting up their own.

Looks like some GPS chips are currently capable of using the Russian GLONASS. I wonder if they actually exploit that capability? I wonder if they are future ready for Galileo?

Could you put static GPS transponders inside spaces that act like stationary satellites? Might make sense in a stadium or similar.

Comment Re:Go for a hike (Score 1) 335

Funny, the AT goes through Deliverance country in North Georgia.

They have small huts along the AT. On the southern end they are spaced about every 5-10 miles along the trail. You can stop and camp there on a "cot" without having to make a fire pit or pitch a tent.

After a long day we came up to a hut that was occupied. An older dirty man was there and looked like he had been there for a while. He asked us for food and we sold him some stuff cheap that we were getting rid of, as we were near a town. (Cream of Wheat, who eats that stuff?)

The creepy part was that the man had a doll collection. Just doll heads, all arranged nicely in a row. With their hair cut off.

We decided to just keep on hiking that night and take our chanced a few miles down the trail.

This was the same time that Eric Rudolph was on the loose in the same area, living out in the wild. We never saw him, but we saw a few unoccupied camps off the beaten trail.

tldr: no deliverance but some nutty folks.

Comment Go for a hike (Score 1) 335

After HS a buddy and I went camping in the mountains for a couple of weeks. It was awesome.

The summer my brother graduated from HS and I graduated from undergrad (before grad school) we hiked on the Appalachian Trail for a month. It was a life changing experience for me.

Camping does not cost much and you get some fresh air. Backpacking pushes your body and gives you time to think / reflect.

And you can meet some interesting folks...

Comment Re:Oh wow. (Score 1) 211

Do you have some right to privacy when you are talking with someone in a public space?

They are not recording folks in their home. You have privacy in private place. Maybe there is some relation between the two?

It is like having a nosy person listen in on the bus. Don't want folks listening in? Find a private place for your conversation.

Comment Re:2560x1600? (Score 1) 565

The title of the post is about pixel resolution, asking where all the high resolution displays are.

Resolution and pixel density are two different things.

Distance plays a role too. A 9" display at less than a foot from your eyes will be different from a 30" display sitting two feet away. You don't need the same density at longer distances.

Here the TV chart, they don't have detail at the low end.

Where are the 2k and 4k displays? Maybe they are waiting for that resolution since you can just double or quadruple things?

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