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Comment Re:Original Source and Actual Paper (Score 1) 462

The big problem with those chips (the 8xxx series AMDs) is that they have an 800MHz memory bus, and you just can't pump enough data into and out of them at that speed to keep them all busy. I've got a quad 12 core magny cours, and it can pump around 80 to 100Gigabytes per second into / out of memory. If they want to borrow some of my down time to benchmark I'll gladly cooperate.

Comment Re:ITU is a joke (Score 1) 196

I would expect the French to be outraged at this after that incident. Requiring no un-breakable encryption allows foreign govts to snoop on French companies and sell secrets all over again. Lots of packets pass through networks in other countries that have the technological capability to take your breakthrough idea and run with it. Suddenly North Korea is the largest producers of hoverboards and we're all a decade behind suddenly.

Comment Re:Blame the victim (Score 1) 249

No, it goes like this:

Stupid (L)user: It's not running automatically! See it's broke!
You: No, you just do this (dblclick my computer) and this (dblclick removable drive) and this (dblclick application)
Stupid (L)user: Why do I have to do that?
You: Because autorunning things when you put in a USB key is a security hazard and can cause your computer to get infected with a virus or trojan.
Stupid (L)user: OK.

There. 5 minutes tops.

Comment Re:Post your battery life (Score 2, Informative) 454

eMachines D620, just bought a new battery.

acpi -i

New Battery:
Battery 0: Unknown, 99%
Battery 0: design capacity 6600 mAh, last full capacity 6514 mAh = 98%

Old Battery:
Battery 0: Charging, 38%, 11:43:18 until charged
Battery 0: design capacity 4500 mAh, last full capacity 3564 mAh = 79%

Runs ~1.5 hours on old, about 3 hours on new.

Comment Re:$100 ... PLUS $10-$15 Charger PER Title (Score 1) 271

I run a small server farm that takes up all but about 2U of a full sized rack. In this rack we have lots of different drives. They're all rated for use in servers etc against vibration, for all the good that does. Here's the failure rate over time for most of them

32x Seagate 15K5 147G SAS drives 2 have failed in ~2 years
4x Seagate 2.5" 73Gig 10krpm server drives 1 failure in ~3 years
8x WD 7200rpm 2TB SATA drives (black models) 2 dead in ~1 year
2x WD 7200rom 1TB SATA drives (black models) 0 dead in ~1 year

8x Seagate 1TB SATA 5400 RPM drives. 2 failures in 6 months.
10x Seagate 500G SATA 5400 RPM drives 4 failures in 6 months.

Lots more different drives, but none have been as much problem as these shit-tastic 500G and 1TB Seagates of late. Those drives were trash and should have never left the factory.

Comment Re:Not a valid argument... (Score 1) 371

Now, if you are a GPL purist this won't worry you, since you'd rather shave your own head with a cheesegrater than use proprietary code (and you're probably using PostgreSQL anyway)

If you are a GPL purist, you are almost certainly not running the BSD-licensed PostgreSQL...

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