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Comment Give China a free hand in the Middle East (Score 1) 634

China's booming industrial economy needs resources, while we are searching for an exit from the world-policeman role that has been ours since WW II. Now that we're on the path to fossil fuel independence, why not just quietly let it be known on high diplomatic levels that the Middle East is China's for the taking. China needs the oil and minerals, and the Middle East needs a few generations of iron-fisted colonial rule to bring civilization back to it.The Taliban, al Qaeda and the Saudi Wahhabi would simply never be seen again. This kind of arrangement could be the last chance for Islam to regain its lost scientific and technological heritage

Comment Re:people = shit (Score 3, Interesting) 149

Yes, it would make perfect sense to replace hunting at sea with farming, just as we did on land millennia ago, so that our use of seafood could become sustainable. So why does the Luddite lobby oppose every kind of fish farming, preferring to remain romantically identified with wild catch? When I question them on this, all I get is that one old talking point "Because the first attempts at fish farming involved crappy feed, overcrowding and disease, God said it has to be this way forever!"

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