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Comment Re:people = shit (Score 3, Interesting) 149

Yes, it would make perfect sense to replace hunting at sea with farming, just as we did on land millennia ago, so that our use of seafood could become sustainable. So why does the Luddite lobby oppose every kind of fish farming, preferring to remain romantically identified with wild catch? When I question them on this, all I get is that one old talking point "Because the first attempts at fish farming involved crappy feed, overcrowding and disease, God said it has to be this way forever!"

Comment Re:Ya I seem to recall this same story from before (Score 1) 166

Consider the Dyson Sphere, which involves breaking down an entire planet and using it to build a shell around a star. Because of the star's heat and strong gravitation, the Sphere can absorb and destroy any amount of household dust, even over billion-year spans of time, without losing suction, and without use of any external power sources. But even the traditional Dyson customer base has balked at the high price, and not one order has so far been placed, even in Beverly Hills or Qatar.

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