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Comment Re:Love camera phones (Score 2) 182

...but the tone of the comment, when looked at in its entirety, was one of, "Only professionals should be using this stuff," meaning the OP doesn't believe non-professionals should be allowed to use the equipment.

No. No, it did not have that tone at all. Your reading is an enormous stretch, and does not mean that at all, and unbiased native speakers of English will not interpret it the way you have. I don't know if English is a second language for you or if you same some bias here, but your reading is not accurate.

The comment was no different than telling someone about to spend $5,000 on a PC that only hardcore gamers or media composers should spend that sort of money, that if you're just web surfing and writing an occasional paper something much less expensive will suit your needs. Absolutely no intent to institute some legal restriction can be inferred from such advice.

Comment Re: I heard from a teacher in NC (Score 1) 375

In which case maybe the schools should take a small step back, and teach those paradigms first.

Which is what teachers are having to do, rather than teach the actual material. And being math, reading, science, etc. teachers, not consumer electronics customer support techs, they're not really prepared to do so. So plenty of time and energy is wasted.

Comment Re: FFS (Score 1) 456

How is disagreeing with someone a sign of fear (phobia)?

Disagreement is taking an opposing intellectual position. Homophobia, like other forms of bigotry, is not an intellectual position.

It is not necessarily a fear -- it is often misleading to attempt to figure out the meaning of a word by looking at its to etymology.

Comment Re:FFS (Score 5, Insightful) 456

If you don't like it don't buy it. Enough with the stupid fucking boycotts that are nothing but attempts at silencing free speech.

You're not making any sense. A boycott is nothing but a large group of people saying "we don't like it, so we're not buying it." Boycotts (and buycotts) are an exercise in free speech and free markets. It is antiboycott laws (such as the blatantly unconstitutional one the U.S. has to squash criticism of Israel) that are attempts at silencing free speech.

Comment Re:That's incredibly creepy (Score 2) 311

but come on now, rape requires force, in the mechanical sense.

Only in the manner that "force, in the mechanical sense" is necessary for all movement. (Including cyber-sex; masturbation is movement and involved mechanical force.)

Only a minority of rapes involve force in the sense of violence or the threat thereof. Most involve alcohol or other drugs. (Mostly alcohol. "Date rape drugs" are about 90% myth.) This is because the people doing most of the raping are repeat offenders who carefully plan their actions. They're not leaping out of the bushes onto strangers; they're planning an attack on an acquaintance, "friend", or family member, and they're smart enough to know that it's a heck of a lot easier if the victim is intoxicated.

Comment Re:Oh for crying out loud (Score 2) 325

It's okay to it, because they agreed to it to get a free service.

First, the suit alleges that they did not so agree because the TOS are not clear, and furthermore that they can't agree on behalf of their correspondents. (TFA: ""Google has cited no case that stands for the proposition that users who send emails impliedly consent to interceptions and use of their communications by third parties other than the intended recipient of the email," Koh wrote.") Second, if Google is not permitted under wiretap law to eavesdrop, that supersedes any part of a user contract or agreement.

Comment Re:Revocation (Score 2) 233

They use the Bing engine

Bing is just one sourse they use of many. "DuckDuckGo gets its results from over one hundred sources, including DuckDuckBot (our own crawler), crowd-sourced sites (like Wikipedia, which are stored in our own index), Yahoo! (through BOSS), Yandex, WolframAlpha, and Bing."

I find I still have to fall back to Google search occasionally.

Use StartPage instead, it proxies Google results.

Comment Re:Oh for crying out loud (Score 1) 325

If it is just for the purpose of serving relevant adverts to put before your eyeballs, on terms which you have accepted in using the service, then yes. If it is for tracking your movements and activity before hunting you down and killing you, then no (or at least not without a warrant)

And why is building a privacy-invasive model of your mind in an attempt to control your thoughts and behavior so such more acceptable than physical violence?

I don't see any a priori reason why it's ok to invade someone's privacy and the privacy of their corespondents in order to make ads displayed to them more "relevant". Please explain your reasoning. (And no, the fact that it's more profitable to Google is not a justification.)

Comment Re:What a waste (Score 2) 452

Effective allocation of capital is absolutely critical to an efficient economy.

This has nothing to do with effective allocation of capital; the effective allocation of capital does not change on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis.

It is a sine qua non of free societies. It is why centrally planned economies don't work in competition with market economies.

During WWII, the U.S. economy was, in effect, centrally planned -- government spending hit a peak of over 50% of GDP. A centrally planned economy beat the Nazis and developed atomic weapons. And a centrally planned economy, the USSR, took a peasant nation and made it into a global superpower that won the space race. I'm not a fan of planned economies but it's not nearly as simple as you make it out to be

Labor and creativity are important too, but they don't turn into meaningful economic activity without capital.

Only because we have a system where labor (which includes creativity, intellectual labor is labor too (one of Marx's bigger blunders was neglecting that)) doesn't get access to capital without allowing capitalists their parasitic share. We can have capital without capitalists; we can't have labor without laborers.

Comment Re:Let's try to define art. Again. (Score 0) 72

The OP is suggesting that many on this site do not have a background that renders them capable of participating in the debate.

If people need a "background" (beyond a decent general education) to discuss your art, your art sucks: it is ipso facto a game for a self-satisfied group of mutual admirers, a pseudo-intellectual circle-jerk

"How clever of you, oh Artist, to create a piece that only makes sense to those of us intimately familiar with Frazer's The Golden Bough and with the films of Jean-Luc Godard!" "Oh, how clever of you, oh Audience, to pick up the references I concealed in my work!"

We are already over-supplied with terrible art, that which has nothing to say and attempts to compensate by saying it obscurely.

Is this such as case? Dunno.

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