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Comment Re:Innocent until blogged about (Score 1) 666

On what planet is men wrongfully being accused of rape an issue even *visible* next to women being raped?

On what planet is it ok to excuse a crime by saying that another crime happens more often?

or bend over backwards to pretend there isn't enough information to have an opinion either way

Unless you're looking at police reports or other data I haven't seen in this thread, there is no reliable information about what happened. That's not pretense, that's fact. In any disputed event, testimony from one of the disputants is not reliable without some sort of physical evidence or corroborating neutral testimony. You talk about items found in Gont's room -- but so far as I've seen we have only Weidman's say-so that those items were found there. Still nothing but she said, he said.

If police or conference organizers confirm the items' presence in Gont's room, then yes, that would be corroborating evidence. Until then, with no knowledge of the character of either party and no reliable evidence, the only rational course is respect skepticism of both account, withholding judgement and remaining open to evidence as it comes in.

Comment Re:Current evidence does not support reasonable do (Score -1, Offtopic) 666

I'm having difficulty coming up with a rational explanation that doesn't include the stronger person being a predator who engineered a situation where they expected to face no consequences for their actions

There is no "rational" explanation here. Either the man is a rapist -- irrational behavior -- or the woman is a liar and an abuser -- irrational behavior. If we go looking for rationality in a situation where we know one or both persons involved behaved irrationally, we're going to have trouble.

It does happen that smaller women physically attack larger men. (Though I have no knowledge of the size or strength of the people involved here -- I'm assuming your characterization of Weidman as "physically weaker" is based on some knowledge.) And it does happen that women make false allegations of rape. Did these things happen here? I don't know. But either way it does point up an important real-world security rule: don't be alone and unobserved with someone you don't trust.

Comment Re:Piracy much eh? (Score 1) 364

The person who initiates the process by first making the item available does not have the right to give it away in the first place

Sharing information is a basic human right, and no one has any right to use force to prevent a person from sharing information that they have.

you think it is perfectly acceptable to not pay for something that someone else produced because somehow, magically, people don't need to get paid for what they produce.

I failed to pay for access to things other people produced for a long time before the net came around. We called it a "library".

One can believe that it's good for authors and musicians and the like to get paid, without believing that a state-backed artificial monopoly on the making of copies is a useful or even acceptable means to that end.

Comment Re:OMG Ponies! (Score 2) 162

No, we should be promoting a having healthy BMI as a body image.

BMI is actually a poor measure of health on an individual basis, as it doesn't distinguish fat from muscle. Body fat percentage is what we really need to be aware of. It's hard to measure accurately, though; skinfold or electrical impedance tests can help you track whether your own is going up or down but are hard to accurately translate into absolute numbers.

Comment Re:Someone start a defense fund (Score 1) 955

Congress and the Supreme Court are a huge part of the Constitution. If they don't work...

Sorry, but did you just wake up from a long nap? Congress has been badly broken for decades, and the SCOTUS is a wretched hive of scum and villainy featuring at least one justice who apparently doesn't believe women are people and one who is a known liar, not to mention Bush v. Gore and Citizens United.

Comment Re:Someone start a defense fund (Score 1) 955

You know how Bradley Manning is in some hot shit, for close to 100,000 "secret" documents? This is basically as bad as that, negatively bad, since Manning's actions were good? Or do you mean "bad" as in "it's bad for the government to go after legitimate whistle blowers?"

He stands no chance at avoiding a life sentence

Sure he does: stay out of the U.S. (At least until such time as it is not longer an authoritarian "security" state.)

Comment Your post is the scenario the 5th protects against (Score 1) 768

"Have you stopped beating your wife yet? I insist that you answer yes or no!"

When the questioner gets to set not only the question but the range of acceptable answers -- just as you have tried to do here -- the right to remain silent is vital.

For the government to convict you of lying about not committing the murder, they would also have to convict you of the murder, and if they can convict you of murder, then you're already screwed anyway, regardless of whether they also convict you of lying about being innocent.

The penalty for murder is greater than the penalty for perjury, yes; but that's not true for all crimes. "Making false statements" was part of Martha Stewart's conviction. And cops will lead you into false statements, that's their job. If you can watch this video and not understand the importance of the Fifth Amendment, you're hopeless.

Comment Re:There goes another Swiss Army knife (Score 1) 298

Nothing like getting to where you are flying and by reflex reaching for that Swiss Army Knife I always carry, because something needs a little tweak.

As idiotic as the rule is, you can still put your SAK in your checked baggage, and so reload it at your destination. (Even though the airlines are working hard to make checking bags expensive and difficult.)

Comment Taser International is the wrong group to do this (Score 5, Insightful) 309

Any group surveiling the cops shouldn't be selling those cops stuff. "Hey, the XYZ PD just ordered another $500k of merch from us, I think we can 'lose' that embarrassing video."

Taser International is a bunch of evil fuckwads who've made their bankrolls selling lethal electrical torture devices to police. Their irresponsible marketing has lead to an increase in the use of excessive force by cops. My trust in them is zero.

Comment Re:Good model?!? (Score 1) 102

But very few people can make open relationships work in practice - jealousy seems to be genetic as well.

Very few people can make closed monogamous relationships work in practice either. Almost no one spends their whole live with just one person. It's a much bigger gap from real monogamy -- only ever having a romantic/sexual relation with one person -- to serial monogamy, than from serial monogamy to polyamory.

I think if we could transition from the pre-birth-control "get married before you have sex" to a birth-control-works "get married before you have kids" there would be great benefit.

It would be better if we transitioned to "have a committed agreement about child raising before you have kids". We need to please stop with the idea that marriage has to do with child rearing.

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