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Comment Re:What Startup in the Right Mind... (Score 1) 243

As this article seems to deal with Brooklyn, to answer your question, and as it is kind of a funny coincidence on name, there is a section called DUMBO that seems to have a reputation for being hip and I guess innovative. I would think the idea is that they just want to locate in an activity hub, though funny it should be Brooklyn rather than outside NYC (but inside greater NYC area) in somewhere like White Plains, NY or thereabout, northern New Jersey, or places like Stamford or Norwalk, Connecticut if the motive is huge commuter access and established infrastructure. As a Tri-stater (I live on the Connecticut side), it does seem funny of course to want to locate in a very high cost area.

Comment Re:I agree totally! (Score 1) 38

Actually any shares not voted will be AGAINST the deal as part of the board's approval for Dell to buy the company. It's the folks who blindly vote with the board's recommendation who are lame. Given nature of proposed buyouts, likely arbitrageurs rushing into stock who will vote in favor of deal unless it's a close call while ordinary investors and those not wanting to take risk of it declining should it be rejected who will be getting out. $13.65/shr though is a paltry price though for a company that did share buybacks in the 20s, 30s, probably even 40s and 50s a share.

Comment Re:They should THANK Nasdaq (Score 1) 91

There is an exception under the US Securities laws against market manipulation that allow an IPO's underwriters to make a "stabilizing bid" (IPO price) to keep a stock from falling as a "market" is created for the new issuance. Needless to say they did not support the stock after the first day of trading :)

Comment Re:How do you value a "FaceBook"? (Score 1) 91

Sounds like any profession for the average person (of more limited means) where you are better off working for someone else, as only limited economic gain in working for yourself versus a "psychic" analogy. Trades consume a decent amount of money and often take some time to develop. Maybe that could be an idea for a future site/platform to track the performance of their recommendations, even if the wise people read their research and ignore their recommendations.

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