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Comment Re:BIG SIZE (Score 1) 111

I have been thinking about trying to get a Milky Way composite photo large enough to print and mount as a false-ceiling in my home office. Then have it backlit so the night lighting in the room is worth kicking back every now and then to stare at in wonder.

Comment Password Safe (Score 2, Informative) 1007

I have to track a lot of personal passwords and also 200+ passwords for client websites, emails, etc. I use Password Safe and recommend it:

Hides when minimised and has a useful function that enables it to copy a password and minimise again when you double click a client name (i.e., if you need their main/default password). Quick and easy.

Used to have Filezilla set to remember client passwords until a PDF hole led to a bot stealing Filezilla's password store and auto-hacking a lot of sites that were a serious pain to clean up.

Comment Re:Console FPS == Multiple sclerosis simulator (Score 1) 399

Right, plus 8 copies of the game?

Seven of us played Halo the other night. One Xbox, TV and stereo were already on site. Brought the second Xbox and projector in a small bag. Quick to set up and everyone was in the game and killing away. Of those seven, maybe three of us would have laptops and probably two would've had copies of Halo 3. And who can't shoot and turn around at the same time in a console FPS?!

If you don't like it, don't play it - just wake up to the fact that console gaming is popular, there are reasons for that, and that FPSs can still be great fun without a keyboard/mouse combo (hell, for a long time back in the Doom/Quake days I would play without a mouse and generally win games).

Mountain biking is still a popular sport despite the existence of faster and louder motorbikes. *shrug*

Comment Re:Different Audiences? (Score 4, Interesting) 399

"FPS games on a console are a big bag of fail IMO. Only people who defend them in my experience are ones who haven't spent years using the superior mouse/keyboard combination."

Played FPSs on PC for many years but I'll defend them on console because it's a quick and easy way to get 4-8 people playing a FPS in a room as a social activity. No lugging around PCs, making sure everyone has the right version, stuffing around with networks, etc. Bring along a projector to add to a TV, a second Xbox and controllers, couple of copies of the game and away you go.

Aiming might not be as accurate, but everyone in the game is in that same boat.

Comment Re:Worried about the results of your actions? (Score 1) 730

I run a web business. I have access to hundreds of thousands of customer records, sales data and the like of my various clients. But the last thing I have time/interest for is snooping through their data. And if I had more spare time, I can think of countless things more exciting than trawling their gear maliciously.

That sort of thing might not be the case for all businesses, but in this case you either need to outsource and show some trust, pay up for them to physically visit when required, or keep it in house.

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