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Comment Versus H264 advantages are what? (Score 2) 161

VP8 is really slow. Unknown if reason is lack of hardware support or if codec is actually poorly designed. What are reasons VP9 is good versus H264? Yes I know VPx is not "patent-encumbered" --- well except it is except Google made some sort of "deal" with someone to license applicable patents or something.

Why is VP9 any good and why should people care? Is it poor man's H264 or is it H264's peer? Thanks to wise person who knows and answers this.

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 1) 611

There are also millions of dialup internet users. They are not very interested in your demographic, mostly because you aren't the kind of perpetual revenue stream they are interested in. They will be quite content for your lower-profit demographic to migrate to another device. This is how they think and the reality of democracy thru purchaser-dollars --- comparable to the same people who say they won't buy DLC or buy stats for a game, they just say "fine" and move along.

Welcome to 2013.

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 2) 611

People are not just skeptical of this thing, they are outright afraid of it.

Microsoft... wow... just wow.

You forget that the people buying XBox watch TV commercials and that their competitor is the root-kit maker Sony.

This will hurt the XBox One like the rootkit fiasco or dropping Linux PS2 support hurt Sony --- this amount precisely and scientifically stated as "none at all".

Reality. Reality bites and marketing dollars matter. Film at 11.

Comment Re:It was a very stupid idea (Score 4, Insightful) 193

Microsoft isn't in decline, however much people like you and I would like to imagine them to be. Microsoft is in its prime as the premier desktop operating system and Windows 7 established this in granite. Windows 8 has hairballs, but they are in a position where they can make a mistake or 2 and be trusted to correct it and the market will forgive them for this faux pas. The alternatives to Windows offer no stability advantages --- Linux is far from "write once, works 3 years from now" and neither is OS X. You'll find greater stability in running a Windows app via WINE that you will a native OS X or Linux app several years down the road.

Don't shoot me --- I'm not even a messenger --- sure Windows isn't going to penetrate the mobile or even tablet market simply because they are clueless and in identity crissi, but they will own the desktop market for at least a decade or 2 and it could be more than that.

No, Google Apps is not going to defeat Office let alone automate corporate documents .... reality bites, but reality counts too ...

Comment Re:It was a very stupid idea (Score 0) 193

Microsoft was made clawing its way to the top. It had to claw over IBM. It had to claw over Borland or maybe it was Broderbund with the TurboBASIC suite (?). And Microsoft had to claw over Apple and Lotus 1-2-3 and WordPerfect and Novell DOS.

And then Netscape and Java were on the attack and companies like AOL with all those free square frisbees (or maybe they were Starter Disks --- who knows?) wanted to attack MSN.

Microsoft had to fight hard to be where they were, Netscape was threatening that with "Rich client" overlay.

They weren't going to take that chance, and mobilized the full force of their machinery.

Yes in retrospect, it seems obvious that Netscape even if unimpeded wasn't going to win that fight but public perception was the idea that maybe some company would make the operating system no longer matter and Microsoft went on the attack to defend what they had scratched and clawed to earn.

Right? Wrong? Abort, Retry, Fail? This is for others to decide, not me.

Comment Re:What?!? (Score 3, Insightful) 322

There is science and this is done with statistical models and several decades of information to feed the data into the models. And then there is public opinion.

Surprisingly, neither the models nor future results are much affected by public opinion, no matter what public opinion happens to be at the moment. One of these 2 methods is really useful for forecasting, the other not so much.

Comment Re:What?!? (Score 2) 322

They use birth rates and death rates to calculate population models and these are very stable. + or - 3 billion for the continent of Africa? Not likely. I don't know if you are versed in statistics, but the population of a single continent doesn't fluctuate +/- 100% within a century due to a new model. Not for an established field with over 200 years of population trending.

Comment Re:What?!? (Score 4, Informative) 322

This makes little sense. The world population is supposed to peak in 2030 at 8.5 billion.

Even as population trends, this 11 billion by end of century figure is not believable. We can't predict the weather or climate change, but we can easily predict population growth and the African population growth angle is absolutely not justified in a non-speculative sociology realm.

Comment Re:Good (Score 5, Insightful) 304

He sold to US buyers establishing jurisdiction. If he did not sell to US buyers and to only -- as an example --- Chinese buyers, US courts would likely not have jurisdiction ....

.... Although in this "new post-Megaupload Wikileaks kill people with drones NSA monitors all" world maybe the US government has no limits any longer as the US courts no longer are willing to rule that such limits exist.

Comment Re:Nuber not that impressive (Score 1) 304

"If you're selling a $500,000 software product; going after pirates is not a winning business strategy -- it's figuring out, why the heck you can't pitch your product to legal buyers, and make your desired revenue there. Either the pricing is all wrong, or your marketing or product targetting is all wrong. "

That is operating on the assumption that the pricing is wrong. Photoshop, Office and Visual Studio are $1000 because many casual users and small businesses will pirate the product or install the office's software on a personal computer (I'm not saying this is right, but I know too many photoshop thieves), but most medium-sized and large businesses and government will purchase the product.

The pricing isn't wrong, the pricing adapted to the marketplace in a way that rewards very high cost and fewer sales.

And super-expensive software often occurs in small markets where the seller is very reliant on trade secrets and does not want their product floating around in the wild for competitors to study, typically in very lucrative and super-specialized niche markets.

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