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Comment Re:ME! (Score 1) 1027

Actually, I am the center of the Universe, and I can prove it... so long as we agree on the premise that the Universe is infinite. If given a finite universe more research is required both to determine the center, and to calculate when the "big crunch" will begin.

Comment Re:FBI ANTI-PIRACY WARNING (Score 2, Funny) 485

So, according to the federal agency owning the content of that linked page, not only are you not permitted to show their official logo, you are not permitted to reference their name or initials.

How does one refer to the federal agency responsible for domestic criminal investigations in the United States of America without becoming overly wordy, or inadvertently violating the law that officers of said agency are sworn to enforce?

Comment He "Shatner-ed" on the 50 yd line (Score 2, Funny) 318

In high school there was a small group of miscreants who took the phrase "To boldly go where no man has gone before" to new depths of depravity. To this group to "Shatner" was to eliminate bodily waste in a place where it was presumed "no man has gone before."

One year at homecoming it was reported that somebody had "Shatnered" on the 50 yard line.

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