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Comment Re:Barbarians versus Farmers problem (Score 1) 400

Dude. Listen to yourself. "Encourage a wide diversity of food sources". To the poor? The POOR. You seem to be missing that valuable piece of information. These people are not like you and me. They exist at a poverty level you have never laid eyes upon, unless you've done humanitarian work overseas. Then maybe you do understand and I'm sorry for being frank. But you sound like some sort of couch-surfing ignorant american who thinks a poor person is someone who only has a 30" TV and not the 60" model. These people don't get 'choice' in the food sources. They buy what they can afford, which isn't much, and usually ends up being rice because you can buy enough of that to feed your family on the ten cents a day you manage to make selling trash you picked out of the landfill you live in. I wish I was kidding about that, too. That's why this is such a breakthrough. Why this is necessary. I wish it was as easy as encouraging them to eat more cucumbers or whatever but it's not. You have to provide them with a food source that contains what they need but is also cheaper or as cheap as existing staple foods. I think we can all agree 'organic' food is not cheaper. Your plan may be ideal, but it is not a viable option.

Comment Re:Correlation is not causation, FFS. (Score 3, Insightful) 417

I'm saying that the papers that endorse it vastly outnumber the ones that don't. Even if we threw out the papers that didn't say anything absolutely, its still 34.8% versus 0.4%, which is a 870:1 ratio. That is better than a 6 sigma result. If AGW was not real I would expect more papers to exist touting that idea. Your point about the government and jobs is redundant unless you can prove that all the studies came from the US, and even then you're insinuating that virtually every scientist there that exists is okay with falsifying their data.

Comment Re:Correlation is not causation, FFS. (Score 2) 417

it's pretty obvious you're throwing around statistics that you can't have read anything about.

then you go and throw out statistics that you clearly haven't read into. Although, you're right, most papers take no position, but the ones that endorse it versus the ones that don't is a ratio of 30:1, which should write a clear enough message.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 4, Informative) 271

World War 3 is what is being staged here. Russia has already sent a fleet to the area. Both Russia and China have warned the US not to strike Syria.

That was not said at all. They cautioned about leaping to conclusions about the nature of the attack and should let the weapons inspectors finish their investigation. They said, literally, "Military strikes could have catastrophic consequences for the entire region." No one said anything about war, except Iran, who no one cares about. Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-23845800

Comment Re:Boil your water (Score 2) 158

Believe it or nor, digging a gigantic hole in the ground is really hard and expensive in a poor country, not to mention lining it with rich man's plastic. You act like the people in these countries aren't poor and can just hop down to the corner store to rent a backhoe or even a shovel. Cause we only charge for shit in america, right?

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