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Comment Re:Invulnerable? Really? (Score 1) 112

Perhaps, though, I was thinking about this, and its not that the switch will accidentally activate, its that it will nullify itself so it will NEVER activate, making the bomb a 1 billion dollar dud. Think about it: If you're busy nuking the landscape, what happens if one bomb goes off and burns all the triggers for the rest of the bombs? Then your entire war strategy has to be adjusted or scrapped.

Comment Re:Invulnerable? Really? (Score 1) 112

But you still need a triggering mechanism for that weapon that is immune to EMP surges. Think about it: if the bomb goes off then you don't really worry about what condition the switch is in, because it going to be vaporized. You can alternatively not park your weapons next to emp sources but you need to make sure they won't accidently detonate if they are.

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