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Comment Creating a problem where none exists (Score 1) 342

This kind of imposed "security" measure generally fails to provide any additional security, while at the same time treating children as criminals.

People treated as criminals, frequently respond by becoming so and thus provide continuing justification for the "security" measures that caused the problem in the first place.

Comment Death throes of the old establishment (Score 2) 105

Academic publishers have had a very long and profitable run, and are now fighting back against the free flow of information that they once thrived upon. They are fighting a losing game.

Publication has now become essentially cost free, the only costs being those to maintain the online information resources, and the time invested to review. Since reviewers were never paid in the past, and because data storage and access are incredibly inexpensive, and becoming even less expensive, and because finding and researching subjects is far faster and more convenient in digital form, the old paper journal format will eventually pass away.

As a result, the only option for the old publishing industry is to try and legislate protections for its business model. Ultimately this too will fail, as economic and other considerations make the old model unsustainable.

Comment Picking at nits (Score 1) 12


<quote><p>Dear DeathGrippe (2906227),</p><p>
Typing your entire comment in <tt>monospace</tt> is like annoying.

<tt>Please stop.</tt> </p><p>Signed,

<p>Be compassionate with font-blind users. He's typing it from Links2 on a 486SX over SSH. He doesn't see the difference.</p></quote>

<blink>All of my Comments and posts are in the default fonts provided by Firefox on an Alienware laptop.  If you've got a problem with that, I'd appreciate direct advice as to how to type to meet your standards.  Or, are you unhappy because I'm not using html tags and you're reading the posts on a crt using Lynx?</blink>

Comment Re:Just another $1000 hammer (Score 1) 115

Flight duration depends on how much payload you need to carry vs how large your battery can be.  The larger quad copters at could easily fly that long with large enough batteries, and can also carry miniature video cameras.  With a 433mhz 1watt transmitter and receiver (<$500, FCC license required) you could control it out to about 40 miles.

Comment Exec speak (Score 1) 161

When confronted with technical jargon they don't understand, execs need a language they can fall back on to make themselves feel better and impress their tech underlings.

Thus was executive speak created, it's like a secret handshake that reassures themselves and their peers that they all belong to the same, exclusive club that specifically does not include techies.

Comment It's not defamation if it's in a lawsuit (Score 3, Informative) 258

IANAL, but in a legal action I took a few years ago, in which the defendant accused me of heinous acts, I learned that statements contained within a lawsuit which would be considered defamation if published elsewhere, are not considered defamatory.

Note, however, that if those statements are proven false they will have legal consequences within that context.

Comment Someday colleges and universities will be obsolete (Score 2) 668

Colleges and universities, as places of higher learning, are gradually being replaced as information becomes ever more widely available through the internet.  Certainly these institutions are valuable as places of hands-on research in physics, biology, and other fields.  However, the dissemination of information, and the learning of it, do not ultimately require classrooms and libraries if that information is available through online resources.
Perhaps these trends toward elitism are related.

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