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Comment Re:Computer Science = Algorithm Development (Score 1) 564

I too believe it's partly due to the asinine name. The department I work for used to call it Computing Sience (which makes a lot more sense) but changed it to Computer Sience a while back. All this while we do have a different department that is in fact involved in the science of computer hardware: Electrical Engineering. Next thing you know they rename geometry to Earth Science.

Comment Re:Oh, you can tell (Score 1) 207

Nowadays, it takes more than five minutes to raise the quality of most articles I could, in principle, improve (and there are lots of them). It takes more thought and research. I can no longer indulge in drive-by editing as much as I used to. "Raising the bar", they called it on everything2.com, where the same thing has happened, with a rating system. I think the other things we're seeing, such as the diminishing number of active editors, are largely a side effect.

Comment Re:It's finished, dummies (Score 1) 632

Who are "they"? Your remark doesn't make sense - Wikipedia is not a "they".

I do think Wikipedia is "complete" in the sense that most things most people can contribute are already in there. This alone can explain the slowdown, as the WSJ article mentioned.

Some people do get very protective of articles and/or principles. I definitely felt a barrier when I wanted to start to contribute. This is another impoprtant effect. But these people do not form a "they", they don't act as a collective.

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