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Comment Re:Better than Uncle Sammy (Score 1) 455

Yes, but poorly and for far more of _your_ taxpayer dollars than a more up-to-date solution would have been. Take the bowling alley projectors (I say this because the only other places I saw these projectors in use were bowling alleys): On USS McCAMPBELL (DDG-85), commissioned in 2002, the replacement bulbs were of the three separate colors, lasted about 2000 hours each, cost about $1500 each, and every time we fired our 5" gun, we had to recalibrate them. There were two of these projectors. At the time, a pair of large-screen plasmas would have been the same size, took up less space, cost about $3000ish, been shock mounted for an additional 50% of the cost, and been rated for about 10,000+ hours. I'll let you do the math on replacement costs and man-hours to calibrate. Why did we do it that way? Because there was a contract in place. We were forced into a bad deal, with old tech, that didn't do its job well, because a voter needed to remain employed. Likewise - Ford does not make money by making it easy to hack your own vehicle. Before long, we'll be signing EULAs every time we stick our key in the ignition, and we Ford will be licensing their vehicles, not selling them.

Comment Servicemembers say "thanks a heap..." (Score 1) 572

Bagram. Carriers. FOBs. Hundreds of thousands of American Servicemembers who are forward deployed worldwide do not have and are not allowed to have personal electronics (iPads, PS3s, XBoxs, and the like) linked to the available network. They're barely able to check e-mail or Facebook, much less get Steam or XBox Live to reach out to their respective servers for authentication. And guess what? These 18-25 year old folks with discretionary income are NOT going to spend it on games the cannot play because of always-connected DRM requirements. Think with your wallets, developers and publishing houses. Rule number one of business: Never make it hard for the customer to give you his money. You are making it hard. That makes you dumb.

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