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Submission + - Head start: the Xbox 360 and the next generation

Supersize Me writes: When Microsoft launched the Xbox a year ahead of the Wii and PlayStation 3, much was made of the advantage Microsoft gained by entering the next-gen console market first. A feature at Ars Technica looks at what the head start has gained Microsoft as well as how some of the company's choices with the 360 may be cause for regret. 'A 20GB hard drive is simply too small, especially with the video marketplace on Xbox Live. With demos sometimes coming in at over 1GB and rental movies that are over 5GB, you simply don't have a lot of space available.' At the other end of the spectrum is Microsoft's decision to include a hardware scaler with the 360: 'The importance of that scaler is hard to overestimate. It gives the 360 a built-in advantage over the PS3 and it's something Sony needs to work on as soon as they can. Whether it is a software or hardware solution, they're running at a disadvantage on anything but a 720p-native HDTV in terms of games.'
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Submission + - How does WOW affect your family?

An anonymous reader writes: A little sister of an avid World of Warcraft gamer recounts how the game has kept her older brother from "living a reasonable life" and how she wishes she could sue the maker of the game. It is a sad look at how our gaming habits can affect those around us. t

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