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Submission + - Business Week shows offshoring bad for the economy (

Obasan writes: "A 'gaping flaw' in the way economic numbers are computed may be the cause of a disconnect between GDP growth claims and actual growth, especially in terms of real wages, a phenomenon many of us are at least anecdotally familiar with. Business week calls this gap "phantom-GDP", gains in reported GDP that cannot be correlated with domestic production."

Comment Re:Talk about internal benefits first (Score 1) 144

I just finished doing a bunch of paperwork for one run by Hackett (we also looked at the other 3 above). There are really too many things to compare, and your question was too vague. Do you want to compare performance (uptime, mttr, etc...), costs (cost per support call, costs per server, etc...), maturity (Standard Operating Procedures, compliance to ITIL, COBIT, etc... ) or maybe all 3?

In any case, the big 4 consulting companies can help with this... like legal advice, Slashdot isn't a good source for comparison :)

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