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Comment Why have a speed limit? (Score 1) 400

I don't see why autonomous cars should have a legal speed limit at all. The whole reason to have one now is that drivers tend to drive outside the capability of their own or their vehicle's capacity and may cause injury to others. With an autonomous vehicle, the algorithms should have a very reasonable idea of the vehicle's capacity because the manufacturers will most likely be in some way liable for the vehicle's actions. So if you're in an autonomous Mercedes, why shouldn't you be doing 150 mph on the highway?

Comment It might be helpful. (Score 4, Interesting) 191

You never know. If the catalysts are relatively cheap, instead of trucking or piping hydrogen to stations to fill up people's cars, you could generate the hydrogen from water and electricity on site. That might be safer because you may not have to store a large amount of hydrogen and the infrastructure is already there (the water and electricity I mean). Of course, that does not solve the storage problem in cars nor the fact that water and electricity aren't free, nor the relatively low efficiency of using hydrogen as a fuel...

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