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Comment Re:Nvidia drivers (Score 1) 157

HD3200 works splendid with Mesa 7.11 or later (GL 3.1 currently), and that's a few years old. Anything new enough before "GCN" (the new architecture that the upper-end HD7000 chips use) has GL 3.1, though GCN is still at 2.1 plus GLSL 1.3 (the version for GL 3.0).
HD5xxx up through HD8xxx currently have hardware VDPAU via UVD on Mesa.
HD4xxx and up to GCN have better OpenCL support via clover than any other FOSS driver.
Power management just got added, and it works.
Fedora 19 has good enough support to use six monitors with an HD7970, and WebGL works.

To the parent of the parent, the Naughts called--they want their drivers back.

Comment Thoughts on Alpha? (Score 1) 26

I'm wondering what you think looking back at the whole Alpha scene.
-were there any major failings?
-what were the nicest features?
-while the hardware is now abandoned and slow, do you think it could have remained competetive?
-favorite stor(y|ies) related to Alpha or Linux/Alpha?
-are you still interested in Alpha, or have you moved on?

Comment Re:Sony Hackstation (Score 2) 457

But why? When the PS3's came out with its cell processor, it was very unique and unlike any other processor available. The AMD processor in the Playstation 3 (and XBox One) is just a garden-variety commodity part.

You just answered yourself. If you already have an AMD system, why not run Orbis on it, getting access to the games written for the PS4? Some might prefer to not get a second computer potentially with less but faster RAM.

Comment Re:Thou hast angered thy King (Score 1) 260

If you read your link, you would see he did more than report it: he spent a year running a website that made more of an issue of it than the government saw fit, and encouraged others to consider the government compensation inadequate.

Arbitrary, yes; but it wasn't for reporting the contamination. It was for publicising it.

Comment Re:But a BYTE Is a letter (Score 1) 259

IIRC, part of the problem is that the font tables may include arbitrary character numbers; if you use characters a-e and m-p, it's fine for the application to write a PDF that maps those like it would map a-i. (Source: my best recollection of the notes in either xpdf or mupdf, I forget which, that I read a year or two ago...)

Comment Re:attempted murder is not 'drama' (Score 1) 666

Ahem...Having RTFA, I see nothing about attempted murder; I see attempted rape, actual assault and battery (his attack), and self defense, with a vague reference to fearing "something worse" (which from the context, sounded more like "more serious injuries" than like death).

And really, I'd see your first step (kill the man who attempts rape) as an entirely justified act of self defense, but what you proposed after that is not self defense. It's on a par with staking the heads of murderers up outside town, or wearing scalps.

Comment Re:Innocent until blogged about (Score 1) 666

This is the kind of determination to be done at trial time, as any one knows. That, is unless you are hell bent on letting this presumed rapist go scott-free.

So is that second sentence. If you're going to try claiming "x is something for the courts to determine", be consistent; it's not reasonable to say that a supposed refutation of guilt should be left for trial time, while accepting the claim of guilt.

Note that I'm not saying that either side is correct.

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