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Comment Re:just use virtual machines (Score 1) 464

I'm still using Office 2000. Works fine on Windows 7.

Really? I'd quite like to know how you got it working. I tried to do the same, but it would crash constantly, usually whenever I'd use the clipboard or shortcuts (which I do constantly, so it was completely unusable).

I decided to try and stick it out with the Office Starter 2010 that was included with my computer and use Office Ad Blocker. I don't need anything more than Word and Excel anyway.

Aside from the minor annoyance of an unavoidable notice informing me that I can't create frozen cells every time I open one of my time sheets (the starter edition can see and work with them, it just can't create them), I've found that it has some nice additions. To my shock, I don't even mind the ribbon and, in some cases, even prefer it (*gasp* ... I know)

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