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Comment Re:Oy. (Score 1) 408

or ANYWHERE rural for that matter. Metro areas have choices, rural areas mostly do not. I love living out "in the sticks" but hate my choices for Internet connection. People are whining about their broadband, but have never really experienced rural broadband, 300k on a really good day, most times my speed is around 56k modem speeds. Over populated, over sold and no choices unless you go satellite and that is like putting an ice-pick in your forehead painful. Do not bitch about your broadband choices in a metro area to me, or cost for that matter. Don't get me wrong, I choose to live out here so I really don't bitch about my connection, I just hate hearing all of the whining from people that actually have choices at (relatively) decent prices.

Comment Re: How would you feel about it? (Score 1) 420

Bottom line, I would treat the drone the same as a peeping tom. If I catch them, I will have them arrested for trespassing if nothing else. It the case of a drone, same, same. If the local authorities will not take the offender into custody, then a suitable application high velocity lead should take care of the issue as long as it is on or above my property. I will always attempt to take care of this in an appropriate manner but will not hesitate to defend mine own.

Comment Microsoft (Score 2) 108

Microsoft just seems totally disconnected from the market and their customer base. Once again it seems to me as if they want "everything" but cannot focus on "one good thing", whether it be an OS, Office, Phone, Media player, Gamming Console or whatever. Instead of controlling everything, focus on something and make it really, really awesome that your customer base cannot live without. If not, prepare for irrelevance, kind of like what happened to Novell in the 90s (remember that one MS).

Comment This... (Score 1) 107

The FOIA is all just smoke and mirrors. There is no "freedom of information" as long as they continue to redact anything. The gubment only will tell you what they want and nothing more. It is no longer of, by or for the people unless you are a "corporation person" with lots of campaign contributions. Lies and deceit are all I see coming from DC, both parties and the POTUS.

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