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Comment Re:Don't pick just one (Score 1) 897

Ya know what? I don't think employers give a shit about "paradigms". Imperative rules the world (as opposed to functional or declarative).

You're right about picking up a new language within the imperative paradigm (it's easy). The challenge is in learning the LIBRARIES. LINQ (are we gonna call that a paradigm, really?), MVC, MVP, all that other alphabet soup that's the latest framework. XML, XSLT, yada yada.

Comment Re:All flash, no substance. (Score 1) 306

Yeah. I read their "Questions from Luis Villa" (wth? Can't paste into this edit window w/Chrome?) blog post at the beginning of the summer and I didn't think it was going to work out so well. Undergrad summer enthusiasm, rejection/unawareness of earlier efforts.

And here we are. I wonder if they'll be able to collect their KickStarter money (wotta scam that turned out to be) because they met their "promise" (whatever we release will be open-source, yay (note the absence of a specific feature list in the promise)).

There's still hope, I guess, but probably not for Diaspora, due to the dependencies they'll probably introduce. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Comment Re:Never Works Properly (Score 1) 427

Wait, wait... .NET is ruining the industry? Can you tell me how, exactly? I mean -- I know it's Microsoft's gigantic walled garden, but once you accept the horrible reality that some shops really do prefer a MS-only environment... what's so bad about .NET? It's got everything Java has, doesn't it? Is there some computer-sciency reason why .NET is Bad, apart from the whole monopolistic thing? Or is that what you're talking about?

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