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Comment Re: Case Study: Why the Cloud and Freeium do not w (Score 2) 192

I do not want to sound like I agree with what is happening, but I don't see how anybody could trust for anything else to happen.

Google's core business is advertising through the 'best' data gathering and best data indexing. That's what they do. Everything else is tertiary and transitory.

Comment Case Study: Why the Cloud and Freeium do not work (Score 4, Insightful) 192

While I fully understand the anger and frustration of bloggers and users a like at this change in Terms and Conditions, I do not really have any sympathy either.

The bloggers in question were using a free platform to derive an income from arguably questionable sources. What do they believe their actual entitlement is here?

Anybody who gives control of their "business" to a third party is probably foolish.
Anybody who gives control of their "business" to a third party and has no claim of ownership to it is probably foolish.
Anybody who gives control of their "business" to a third party and has no claim of ownership to it and was not even paying the third party is probably foolish.

Do you see where I am coming from here...?

Submission + - Woz compares the cloud and PRISM to communist Russia ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Some journalists run into Steve Wozniak at the airport and asked him about iOS 7 and PRISM, where he made an interesting comparison about how the US is becoming what it once feared most.

In communist Russia "you couldn't own anything, and now in the digital world you hardly own anything anymore. You've got subscritpions and you already said ok, ok, agree and you agree that every right in the world belongs to them and you got no rights and anything you put in the cloud, you don't even know", says Woz. "Ownership was what made America different than Russia".

Comment Irish Fella (Score 1) 94


This really just PR nonsense. The majority of people will not notice and will continue to pirate anyway.

There is only one solution to piracy and it's a bloody easy one.

Stop with walled gardens and make everything available everywhere at the same time for a reasonable price. It's that fupping simple.
I can fully understand why Hollywood's complete and utter lack of imagination and inability to consider anything new or original has resulted in them missing that memo.

I pay for netflix. It's reasonably priced and with a little effort I can access, on a very rare occasion, the American version if there is a specific need.

Shows like Dexter, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and Breaking bad would get a far higher viewership and make far more ad and product placement revenue if they went out on on their own websites at the same time as they were televised. It's the future one way or another why go to so much hassle and expense to try and stop what will not be stopped until you simply give people what the want?

Comment More Warehouses (Score 3, Interesting) 184

more centralised management of everything.

Why have three DBAs managing a single database when you can have 10 managing a 1,000?

Managed print services, Office online, more or less disposable laptops, cloud email, cloud active directory services etc.. etc...

There are too many people doing the jobs only a few are really needed for.
I think this centralisation will be bloody unfortunate for most of us.

Comment I had been doing this with labels (Score 2) 303

I had painstakingly created labels and filters such as "social junk" that marked mail read upon arrival and were easy to delete.

I like this it's a good idea the inbox can fill with crud shockingly quickly.

This sort of incremental innovation shows that even email can still be improved and that people are looking at ways of doing improving it.

Comment fantastic Idea Congrats on the balls :-) (Score 1) 273

Hi, WiFi is fairly ubiquitous across Europe, as are reasonably priced 3g data plans. Data and Laptop security would be my two concerns for you. Encrypt everything and backup all important project files as frequently as bandwidth allows. Use SSH or RDP and work on a remote server altogether if that's viable. Laptops will fall and go missing, it's a fact of life, plan for it in advance. Somebody mentioned a guest account for other users/beggars which is probably a good idea. Libraries are your best for peace and will probably have some internet access available. Don't expect everybody to think you're great because you're American, expect the opposite from some quarters. Expect to need to be able to cobble together some local languages, it's a courtesy if nothing else. Record everything you do and release it with a time delay to a blog or wait until end and write the how and why in to a book. Have a great trip I am rightly jealous.

Comment Facebook and Google plus games (Score 1) 550

IMHO,games on those two platforms are very heavily geared towards females Start of slow with some cooperative farmville or bubble witch saga and move towards Sim City (online coming) and WOW. Violent confrontational games are feasibly going to cause you a headache if you push them too fast or strongly on your good lady wife. Actually what ever happened to chess and snakes & ladders...?

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