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Comment Re:Plug-ins (Score 2) 208

I am using nightly many years and never had any problems. there was a problem 3-4 years ago with fast dial, but only because there was a problem into the verification from the mozilla site. the rest of my 25+ plugins work flawlessly and i am in version 29 or 28, which seems more like chrome, and chrome has a bad UI. generally speaking, 20 to 25 does not change a lot of things in the plugin api. The days were 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 were completely different and had many compatibility issues are past.

Comment It's really hard to remember (Score 1) 538

ÂHumans have trouble remembering passwords with more than seven characters, and it is difficult to enter long, complex passwords into mobile devices let's say you type your current 7-char password 2 times, is it harder to remember? I guess it will be even harder to remember to type it 3 times, if 14-chars are no longer safe enough in the future.

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