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Comment Re:Here's what's really scary... not really... (Score 1) 323

I think you are going about it wrong then. Set up multiple APs or a single AP and multiple receivers. For a simple example think of four APs located in the corners of a square room. Want to get really fancy? Measure the time of flight of a single to all the receivers. The more APs the more accurate. To allow for interference put an AP point at the center and us that as a reference. Not perfect but without time of flight you might get pretty good numbers. With time of flight you could get pretty accurate.

I actually really want this. It would be great if somehow I could get my location in a store down to a foot or so. Where do I find the drill bits? A map pops up and shows you exactly where on the isle it is and points to it when you get near. You see creepy I see convenient. When I pay with a credit card they already know I was there. What I really want is for my freaking bank ATM to know that I do not speak Spanish!.

Comment Re:Standards (Score 3, Interesting) 144

So USB could replace SATA. Well if they get the overhead down.
I would really like to see a SATA IV spec that is a little faster but includes power on the connector. It makes little sense to me to have separate connectors for power and data on SATA since you can not have an unpowered SATA device.

Comment Sounds extremely expensive for little gain (Score 2) 174

1. The wind powered lights will require power lines for backup for when the wind isn't enough. You could add batteries into the mix but you will have still need the power lines and then have to maintain the batteries.
2. The glow in the dark road markings will wear off. Is the safe for the eviroment?
3.The glow in the dark road markings will be more expensive than the paint we use now. BTW current paint reflect a lot of light. Since cars have lights why make the roads markings glow?
4. Inductive charging roads? How much copper will that take?

All that money would be better spent on making sure all roads have reflective markings and maybe an AM radio based system of road condition warnings, digital data of course.

I have become convinced people come up with engineering scams. You come up with some really cool sounding or looking idea that has a lot of issues and extremely high costs. You then make nice presentations, you then get people saying, "this is cool", and then you get money to study the "problems" and build nothing or a small useless test system. Kind of like a cool picture of a bridge that had windmills under the roadway. It would have been expensive, a bad bridge, and a bad windmill.

Comment Re:Does not bode well (Score 2) 140

" You cannot just have a new computing form factor and throw stuff at it to see what sticks."
No, you're wrong. That is exactly what happened with PC or as we called them back in the day home computers. The same is true with mobile phones and even tablets. The first iPhone didn't even have an app store while Windows Phone, Nokia, and Palm all offered apps of different kinds. Heck even my Samsung a900 had apps like navigation, the Opera browser, and games.
Your remembrance of the iPhone is way off. The original vision was to provide a really good web browser and for people to write web apps.
Google Glass is a new platform and it may or may not work. For the longest time the tablets were flops except for small PDA like tablets. Even when Apple launched the iPad the tech press panned it. "Why would you want a big iPod Touch". Smart phones where something only business people spent money on. People bought the first home computers to put recipes on, make shopping lists, and and balance their checkbook.... Which we now do with our tablets and phones.
Yep throw it out there and see what sticks. It may "fail" in that it does not sell tens of million devices but it will be interesting to see what people do.

Comment Re:one business model: military (Score 2) 140

Motorcyclists, civilian pilots, race car drivers, Police, Firefighters, everyday drivers, mechanics, doctors....
Really the list goes on and on. I know that when riding my motorcycle I would like to see my current speed without taking my eyes off the road. Put a computer controlled zoom macro lens on them for doctors or anyone needing to do close up work. IR imaging for Police and Firefighters,

Comment Re:VLC (Score 2) 210

A lot of people want someone to else to keep them safe. As long as sideloading is an option I am not going to get too upset about "official app stores".
The issue for me is, why waste the effort? Windows 8 is not popular at all. It lacks apps and the OS is buggy. Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 rt are going to be a bigger fail for Microsoft than Vista ever was. Just as the tech press, Microsoft faithful, and a few techies here and there will pop up with, "It is fine, I have no problems, and You just have to get used to it." End users will hold on to Windows 7 machines for dear life until hardware vendors demand Windows 7 so they can sell hardware. Windows Phone 8 is just not good enough to get people to leave IOS or Android and they have no real customer base. RT is in the same boat, no existing customer base, no apps, and just not good enough for people to switch for. Throw in that the software has real problems and you have a disaster.

Comment Re:This makes perfect sense. (Score 1) 630

An assault rifle would be an automatic or semi-automatic that fires a round that is more powerful than a pistol or a cabine and less powerful than the 30.06 or .303 used in most full rifles. Later they used small caliber rounds like the .223 used in the M-16 because they decreased the amount of weight taken up for each round of ammo carried. Yes you can use a .223 for hunting but a 30.06 or 30 30 would work better for game the size of deer and hogs on up while a .22 is good enough for smaller game like rabbits. So yes depending on how you define it you can by an assault rife today.

Comment Re:Odd, it works perfectly fine for me. (Score 1) 1110

Funny but that is exactly what all the Windows Fans said about Vista and Me.
No it is terrible. Just because you managed to figure out how to use it does not mean it is good.
You have to learn new ways of doing things and for that effort you gain nothing in productivity. Put the speed improvements to the Windows 7 interface and you would have had a better product for most users.
The large number of complaints means that there is a problem. Saying that you do not have a problem means nothing.

Comment Re:Jamming? (Score 1) 83

Yes, yes, and yes.
One possible solution would be using a directional antenna. A tight beam to the "WAP". Also Jammers have a short life time. Jammers tend to put out a lot of RF. Even missiles like the AIM-120 have a home on jammer mode. If this seems like an issue then the HARM AGM-88 will be updated to home on those jammers. The US also now has a lot of old AIM-7 SARA missiles that could also be updated to be an anti jammer missile. What it comes down to is do you want a fast network that may more may not be jammed or do you not want a fast network.

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