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Comment Re:It's the new censorship (Score 1) 764

No store is required to carry or sell a product. Do you want Whole Foods to be forced to carry Coke and Pepsi? This author has a number of ways to publish his book including making it into a Mobi format file which people can put on their Kindle or a PDF that they can convert.
So not at all. Even for the Kindle he can still publish his book.

Comment Re:The things that must never be said... (Score 2) 571

True but then you have the flip side. When we had two years of bad bad hurricanes you had the true believers saying that it was proof of global warming.
Then we had none. Now we have some extra cold winters and I have heard people saying that is proof of global warming.
I am all for cutting CO2 because the risks of not doing it seem to out way the risks of doing it. But I believe that climate is a very complex subject and we are still learning.

Comment Re:Just wait. (Score 1) 764

Actually that is not true.
Lucy and Desi had to fight long and hard to get that TV show made because they where considered and interracial couple. The network wanted Lucy but not Desi. It was not noted at the time because the last thing Lucy, Desi, network and sponsors wanted was to bring attention as to the fact that it was an interracial marriage.
I suggest you ask anybody that spoke with a Spanish accent and lived in the US in the 1950s if they where considered the same as "white people".

Let's give Lucy and Desi the credit they deserve. Remeber that Star Trek was produced by Desilu studios was founded by guess who?

Another show and personality that really should get more credit for pushing the equality was the Gene Audrey show.
He had one show where a woman mayor adopted a black child. The black child was smart, and help Gene defeat the bad guys which where white.
He also had a show where defends a Hispanic boy that was being picked on and explains how he as the same rights as they do.
His cowboy code also had a line about tolerance in it.
Frankly as far as race goes he was pushing the limits.

Comment Re:"Breakthrough" Now a Meaningless Word (Score 1) 164

I did. but there may be the need between the consumer and the lab for this to mature.
A price is no object performance market. As I said even super computers are now often made up of COTS parts. This is more a question of economics and not technology. Will any company be willing to make the long term investment to bring this to the consumer market without a nice cash injection from a high margin market?

Comment Re:The Gist (Score 1) 696

No I don't know what you meant.
Was it right to leak that list of potental targets or the 9/11 pager data?

A lot of what Wikileaks leaks isn't evil content and frankly none of the worlds business.
That pager data was not government data. A lot of it was personal communications. Yet Wikileaks published that.

Why is that okay? Is it okay?
From what have seen Wikileaks feels that it should publish what ever data it wants to and in no way is it limited to just governmental data or even data that is in the best interest of the public to know.

As to knowing what you meant by evil, no I really don't. It could mean "illegal" but Wikileaks isn't a court of law and I am not sure they run every leak some form of legal counsel to see if it is illegal.
It could mean "immoral" but then who's morals? Wikileaks.

I do not know you so how could I know which of those two you mean?

Comment Re:"Breakthrough" Now a Meaningless Word (Score 1) 164

I have to wonder if there is going to be any market for these advances. The high end is shrinking very quickly so the market for really super high end cutting edge stuff is also shrinking.
Even super computers are using a large number of COTS technology these days. In the future will their be any customers for the first very expensive race track memory systems?

Comment Re:The Gist (Score 1) 696

"A way for people to release secrets about the evil doings of whatever while censoring them to protect individuals,"
So what is evil in a list of what the US considers potential terrorist targets?
That was part of the data that was leaked?
Or what was evil in in the pager data from 9/11 that wikileaks published?

Even if you want to stick with the "evil" part who decides what is evil? Wikileaks?
Take a look at the mass of the leaks and you will find lots of just plain info that isn't evil.
And I am sure you will find much that the fact that it is leaked is now dangerous.

Comment Re:The Gist (Score 1) 696

So when will Wikileaks publish the name of the people that supplied them with the data?
I mean if they think that everything should be in the open. Maybe they feel that people don't need to know the source of the information because to revile it would cause more harm than good...

Comment Re:wtf (Score 1) 381

Oh I bet you do they are everywhere.
It is foolish to judge an entire nation by a single post or even the posts you see on Slashdot. I am from the US and I am not a communist at all no matter what that jafiwam says. This person just has more passion then education or understanding.
Hopefully that will be corrected over time.

Comment Re:Performance (Score 1) 450

That is pretty much it. There is always one or a few apps that you just can not replace. And they where usually written in visual basic.
That was one of the reasons Microsoft worked so hard to make a Java that had Windows only extensions. When that failed they went to C# which can be multi-platform but often isn't.
Then you have all that vertical market software for things link Construction or Storage buildings or goodness knows what else. Those companies could write for Linux but everybody already has Windows so....
The same issue also affects Mac use which is why Macs don't often end up in business settings. Sometimes they do but mostly it is dominated by Windows.

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