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Comment Re:Wow, what a moron (Score 1) 695

Okay I do think that they do everything they can to get you back on line.
Too bad they do very little to keep you online.
I live in South Florida. There are still poles that really need to be replaced not far from my house.
Many poles down here snapped because they where old and needed to be replaced a long time ago.

My hats off to the hard working people out there on the front line.
But the bean counters SUCK.

Comment Re:Real mature (Score 1) 785

It is slashdot what else would you expect.
Funny thing is that I was thinking about getting a Zune. I have heard that it's software is better than Itunes.
It is a real shame that they blew this one so badly. Microsoft because it is the biggest software developer on the planet really has no excuse.
My wife got me an iPod Touch for Christmas since I can use it for development as well as playing music and video.

Comment Re:Can't keep putting everything on our credit car (Score 2, Informative) 288

Actually no they didn't
Older ICBMs like the Atlas, R-7 "I think", and Titan had to throw really big and heavy warheads. They all could put a lighter satellite into orbit.
Modern US missiles have less throw weight but even then a Peacekeeper or Trident could reach orbit with a light enough load.

Comment Re:I need rehab (Score 1) 288

No more pork than the National Endowment for the Arts is.
One the argument for direct spending vs say the space program is kind of silly. In engineering requirements drive progress. Space exploration along with with military programs tend to push the requirements farther than research in isolation ever would.

As far as your system of ethics goes. I believe that the value of the Space Program as a source of inspiration and the value of the developments from it far out weigh the costs. Your system seems to be that anything that you personally don't value is valueless.

Comment Re:How about Hydrogen (Score 1) 275

"Chernobyl is unlikely to occur in the West,"
TMI killed nobody. it damaged the reactor but the best estimate of added cancers from the released radiation was .5 deaths.
That has been no statistic spike in cancer deaths from that area to this day.
Russia has a lot of great scientists and engineers. They just got over ridden by political leaders all too often in the past.

Wind and solar are not now practical. They are a supplement and I am all for using them but if you want to cut carbon today, cut oil use today, you better start building reactors today.

Comment Re:How about Hydrogen (Score 1) 275

Thank you. I am so sick of people using Chernobyl to dam Nuclear power in the US and other western nations.
I sure don't have a degree in nuclear engineering but the to be honest the difference between a light water reactor and the RBMK-1000 is pretty easy to see.

Comment Re:Heck yeah (Score 2, Insightful) 307

Okay I use Linux and I really do like FOSS but are you nuts?
"NVidia and Intel will follow with their own release announcements within weeks, or watch their proprietary crap die."
To be honest 99.99% of the people that use computers don't care if the driver is FOSS or not. The majority of these card are used on Windows boxes so FOSS doesn't matter to them.
Then you have the majority of Linux users that just want drivers to work. All they will care about is if there cards work out of the box. Which will be a good thing but as long as they can click and install a driver that works they will also not care that much.

Comment Re:How about Hydrogen (Score 4, Insightful) 275

Hydrogen is a PAIN.
Hydrogen embrittlement makes storage and transportation a problem as does it's low density.
If you are going to make hydrogen you might as well take the next step and convert it to NH4 and use it for fertilizer or CH4 and use it for fuel. NH4 will also work as a fuel if you want. Both would work in a fuel cell or a gas turbine.

Of course Nuclear doesn't have these problems and if they would allow fuel reprocessing the storage problem would go away as well. As to safty modern western reactors have a great record. And any one that brings up the C word is just spreading FUD since it that disaster would never have been allowed to have been built in the US.

Comment Re:Seems silly to use this. (Score 1) 275

Actually it is pretty old school. Old mainframes had a UPS/surge suppressor that was just about as good as it gets.
They used an electric motor hooked to the mains, the motor spun a flywheel that was spun a generator that powered the computer.
There was also a clutch to a an IC motor. When the power failed the clutch engaged the motor and started it up.

Comment It will come down to clock speed. (Score 4, Informative) 114

You can get a good AM2+ motherboard for under $100. DDR2 is cheap, and the price point for these CPUS is looking pretty good.
I doubt that they will beat an I7 but they may offer a great bang for the buck. Even before these came out AMD offered the best value in the good enough category.
You would be hard pressed to find a better value than one of the BE X2s on a 780G motherboard for an average user.

Comment Re:what can stop them (Score 1) 249

I noticed that they didn't say a thing about GMail.
I wonder if they are paying Microsoft and Yahoo something to keep the hounds at bay.
Google has too much money right now to be messed with and too much riding on Net Neutrality to be paid off so I guess they will not be blocked. besides what if Google blocked Fairpoint users from Google search and YouTube until fairpoint unblocked gmail?

Comment Re:confiuration (Score 1) 306

"What surprises me is that there doesn't seem to be a utility/online database of various monitors and their specs. If the autodetection doesn't work, you're basically on your own and have to track down the horizontal sync and vertical refresh rate ranges, which is stupid."
SAX has that feature and yes it is wonderful. I think more distros should pick up SAX since it is now GPL.

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