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Submission + - New Graphics Cards from AMD/ATI (

LWATCDR writes: AMD has stepped up to the plate and now have a new middle price graphics card that can challenge the NVidia 8800GT. Life would be so easy if the new ATI card was faster, cheaper, and used less power than the NVidia card but life isn't that simple. The new AMD card is a little slower then the 8800GT but it looks like it may end up being a lot cheaper at around $169 and uses a little less power. The end result is a card that gives you a little more bang for your buck than 8800GT which was already a great value. So is it good enough? Take a look,1697,2217044,00.asp BTW since the 8800GT is sold out this maybe a great option.

Submission + - Zero day Macrovision DRM exploit (

LWATCDR writes: It is as simple as this. A piece of software that's only purpose is DRM/copy protection makes Windows XP and Windows Server vulnerable to a complete system take over. The name of the product is called SafeDisc. One has to wonder if it is from the author of Quickprotect of Dillbert fame?
From Yahoo news
"The vulnerability is in the Macrovision secdrv.sys driver on supported editions of Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. The affected product is Macrovision SafeDisc, a copy-protection application written for Windows.
FrSRT reported on Oct. 19 that the trouble is a memory corruption error in the Macrovision Security Driver when processing user-supplied data. The vulnerability can be used by local attackers to gain so-called Ring 0 privileges and take complete control of an affected system."

Operating Systems

Submission + - Linux RAID controlers.

LWATCDR writes: Under Windows there are multiple RAID solutions. Some are even built on to the Mother board. For Linux things get a bit messy. If you want a high end raid system you have lots of good options from companies like 3ware. But when it comes to inexpensive solutions I just can not seem to find good information. 1. What if any motherboards have a RAID that is supported by Linux? 2. Do they support RAID 0.1,10, and or 5? 3. Is it a true hardware raid, does it just off load the CRC calculations, or is really just a software? 4. Can you boot from it? 5. Is the driver in the kernel or is it a binary blog? Even phoronix doesn't seem to have a lot of interest in RAID controllers. Tom's hardware ran this a few years ago but it was very windows specific. So besides the Linux software RAID what options do we have under Linux for a good if not inexpensive RAID solution?

Submission + - AMD Announces 'SSE5' Instructions (

LWATCDR writes: Yahoo News is reporting that Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday announced an extension to the X86 instruction set, which the company calls "SSE5".

The set of instruction extensions — 47 base extensions, expanding to a total of 170 instructions — will be included first in the "Bulldozer" processor family, scheduled to be released in 2009.

The new extensions will be optimized for high-performance computing workloads. AMD designers examined existing instruction sets, such as the Apple/IBM/Freescale Altivec instruction set, then identified three software types to optimize SSE5 around: compute-intensive applications, such as financial simulation and life sciences; multimedia applications, like high-definition video encoding and image processing; and security applications, where data is encrypted across the Internet as well as an entire hard drive.

The article has one statement that I found odd, "Traditionally, Intel has issued improvements to the X86 ISA used within PCs, crafting all of the earlier SSE extensions, which AMD has eventually supported. This time, the shoe's on the other foot.". Wow how soon they forget. I guess that whole X86-64 things just slipped their mind.


Submission + - Sony CEO calls Steve Jobbs "greedy" (

LWATCDR writes: I would put this under the category of "You have got to be kidding me!" Sony's brilliant PR streak just keeps going and going like a little bunny running on Sony batteries. Endgadet is reporting that Sony honcho Howard Stringer apparently accused Steve Jobs of being "greedy." The report claims that Mr. Stringer went on to say that the Steve-man "Wants a world where only he makes money."
Unlike Sony who embraces open formats, safety, security, and consumer rights above all else? Things that make you go "WHAT!!!!"

Wireless Networking

Submission + - A Linux computer in every Garage

LWATCDR writes: From Linux Devices. A U.S. government- and industry-led coalition aiming to equip every car and roadside in America with wirelessly connected computers has tapped Linux for a prototype design. The Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Consortium (VII-C) hopes to lower driver death rates, reduce traffic jams, and media-enable cars before 2017.

The plan seems to be to make each car a node in a massive mesh network. Your car know the location, speed, and direction of every car around it. This could prevent many accidents a year. The system could also provide media and navigation services to vehicles. On a trip you car could know the current price of gas at each exit and suggest when you should stop for gas. The system could also include sensors for windshield wipers and weather sensors to proved large scale real time weather data and could monitor traffic flow and route cars away from congestion. The current prototype uses a Celeron based PC104 board. I would think that a PPC or XScale would be a better fit for this type of application but since they are using Linux they are not tied to any single ISA. Of course nothing is perfect. Such a system could track every movement every car makes as well as monitor speed and other potental traffic violations. There is also the fact that this would be a massive computer monoculture. Security better be close to perfect since it will make a very tempting target.

Submission + - Sliverlight plugin for Linux?

LWATCDR writes: Miguel de Icaza is at it again. He is claiming that he can add support to for Microsoft's Silverlight to Mono. While I am not a big fan of Flash or Silverlight adding support for Linux users is usually a good thing, except this comment scares the hell out of me. "Fortunately, Microsoft released the source code of .NET's new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) — a critical component of Silverlight — under a highly-permissive open source license. According to de Icaza, Microsoft's DLR can be incorporated into Mono and won't have to be reimplemented." So Mono will have honest to goodness Microsoft code in it. I hope some really bright lawyers from the FSF have looked at this highly-permissive open source license from Microsoft.

Submission + - Vista sucks batteries.

LWATCDR writes: It looks like more issues with Vista Vista drains notebook batteries. Using the Aero interface really eats into your notebooks battery life. Of course one of the new "features" of Vista is supposed to be better power management. Of course this provides a great opportunity for a showdown. How long until someone loads Vista on a MacBook and compares run time? It would provide a flat playing field now that Apple makes Intel powered notebooks. For our next test how about Vista and Ubuntu on a Dell? What review site will step up to this challenge?

Submission + - Wii online gaming coming Q2 2007

Wowzer writes: "Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that Wii gamers will be able to play games online from the second quarter of 2007. He also promised new online titles. From the article: "The multiplayer is coming. During the Japanese launch, there is Pokémon Battle Revolution, and that's really the first one. There will be titles that we'll be announcing in first quarter 2007, that'll be multiplayer-enabled. So during second quarter 2007, people will be able to have a multiplayer experience on Wii.""
Emulation (Games)

Submission + - Running Emulators on the Nintendo Wii Tutorial

Joan Cross writes: Wii-News have posted a tutorial on how to Run Homebrew on the Nintendo Wii, using an Action replay Disc, SD Card adapter and SD memory Card and an application called SD Load you can enjoy emulators for Snes, Genesis, GameBoy Advance, Gameboy Colour, PC Engine and Nes and also a port of Doom originally released for the Gamecube but playable on the Wii also.

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