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Comment Random letters (Score 1) 383

My university has a pretty weird system. It's If there's conflict they add an extra letter. So the first John Smith would be The next one would be If it's a really common name, they just add arbitrary letters. I know someone named Pat Kelly and his email is Always seemed strange to me.

Comment Re:Provoking (Score 1) 1130

So if the gun advocates' argument is that we need guns because the spirit of the 2nd Amendment is so that people can protect themselves from the government, then shouldn't everyone be equipped with one of these? You know, just in case we ever need to defend ourselves from big brother? Why do we need pistols and assault rifles then? Clearly I'm for gun control, but I'm not saying some gun advocates don't have rational arguments. The argument that "we need guns to protect ourselves from the tyrannical government" is just not one of them.

Comment Re:Almost no one is killed by "assault weapons" (Score 1) 1862

This is the worst kind of argument. This isn't the movies where the good guy always wins. Just because you have a gun and are a "good guy" doesn't mean you will automatically always stop the "bad guys" with a gun. If you put people in schools with guns, all it means is that they'll be the first targets at the next school shooting.

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