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Comment Multiple audio director? (Score 1) 120

I'd like to be able to direct multiple audio streams to several devices. Such technology might be useful to the original poster as well.

Is there a way to have a half-dozen audio output devices (USB audio devices can be cheap) and configure to which output device the sound from various applications should go? I've only seen interfaces for configuring where to direct all sound from a computer. Background music could go to one device, TV audio to the TV which is displaying the TV stream, system alerts to another speaker. The original poster would need to be able to direct the output from several media player instances to corresponding audio devices.

Comment Re:why the time limit? (Score 2) 197

if the tld's are to be sold only to entities holding global, dilution protected(nobody can use them, even for unrelated products, for example can't sell pepsi socks..) why is there a deadline on it? because they wanted to hurry up the registrations?

Because everything that can be invented has already been invented. No need to allow later registrants.

More seriously: They probably expect the first rush to contain conflicting applications, so it is best to deal with those in a single batch.

Comment Re:Stop trying to tell us what you think we want (Score 2) 299

About two months ago I was searching for something, and I remember being annoyed enough with the results that google was posting to go try searching on Bing *shudder*

The problem was, despite using quotes, google was not searching the exact term I had entered. It was two months ago so I don't remember the exact term, but the problem was of the nature where it was modifying the end of the word. In that case it was making a significant enough change that I wasn't remotely finding what I wanted, despite the quotes.


A few months ago, Google decided to ignore quotation marks. Ick. The tool you want is Verbatim Search, but to reach it you have to do a search, click on "More search tools", then click on "Verbatim".

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