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Comment Barsoom (Score 1) 647

I've liked the "Lensman" by E.E. Smith series for some time. It did a good job on the space police genre.
Lately I've been reading the Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs -- "A Princess of Mars" is the first one, and it's in the public domain. Two days ago, a commercial for March's "John Carter" movie by Disney appeared and the characters are quite recognizable.

Submission + - Ready for your payroll software update? (hotair.com)

SEWilco writes: A federal payroll tax reduction for two months is being pushed by the President. Paying less money to the government seems good, but if the law is changed it will change the payroll taxes in January and February. Here in Slashdot many of us can well imagine what that will do to the many payroll systems which are already programmed with the 2012 tax rates.

Comment Natural consequence (Score 2) 348

You missed an option.

Delay the cross-green briefly to prevent a collision... and tell the next stoplight that the red light runner is going toward that it should give that car a red light well before he gets there. You run a red light here, and you're likely to be fourth in line waiting for the red at the next light. It is easier to do that where lights are mostly sensor-driven than where strict grid timing needs to be followed.

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