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Comment Bork quotation? (Score 1) 845

"I du nut beleeefe-a in releegiun, boot iff I hed tu chuuse-a oone-a it vuoold be-a Booddheesm. It seems mure-a leefeble-a, cluser tu mee I'fe-a beee reedeeng ebuoot reeencerneshun, und zee Booddheests sey ve-a cume-a beck es uneemels und zeey reffer tu zeem es lesser beeengs. Vell, uneemels ereet lesser beeengs, zeey're-a joost leeke-a us. Su I sey foock zee Booddheests. Bork Bork Bork!"

Journal Journal: How do Climatologists Measure Average Station Temperatures? 2

Yes I am one of those people who constantly ask those stupid questions and frequently I get stupid answers in return. When you get a stupid answer it's normally because you've asked how do we know something that everyone just automatically assumes we know and in reality we don't know. So what is the daily temperature?


Submission + - Why Apple denied Google Latitude App (9to5mac.com)

awyeah writes:

Another Apple patent today looks remarkably similar to the functionality of Google Latitude which Apple relegated to WebApp status earlier this year. Obviously if Apple is working on their own version of Google Latitude (or owns the IP rights to this functionality), they'd be hesitant to put an app with the same functionality on their devices from another company.

Glad they're fostering competition!


Submission + - SPAM: NASA Mars rover Spirit has survivability option?

coondoggie writes: As NASA celebrates its Mars rover Spirit’s sixth anniversary exploring the red planet it is hunting for a way to keep the machine, which is mired in a sand trap, alive to see a seventh year. On its Web site, the space agency this week noted there may indeed be such an option. That option would be spinning the wheels on the north side of Spirit, letting it dig in deeper in the Martian sand but at the same time improving the tilt of the rover’s solar panels toward the Sun.
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Submission + - "Slashdot effect" is part of the English language (theregister.co.uk)

SEWilco writes: The phrase "Slashdot effect" is now part of the English language, according to the English TV show "Countdown". The Internet also added paywall, unfriend/defriend, tag cloud, hashtag and tweetup to the language, while that real-world thing added epigenome, ecohacking, phantonym, redact, and zombie bank.

Comment Just in time! (Score 1) 139

Of course we need a Cyber-Security Car. With so many cars getting electronic enhancements, even becoming WiFi hot spots, it is obvious that we need more security for them. However, they should all have security, not only one car. Unless one Cyber-Security Car offers so much protection that a single one in an area is able to protect a nearby herd of cars. I hope the manufacturers quickly add security, so the government won't try to control the kinds of security in cars.

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